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Joico Brings the Heat to Summer Styles‏


Joico introduced the new Limited Edition Gold Dust Shimmer Finishing Spray that adds brilliant shine and luminous shimmer to hair with an ultra light hold, light reflecting particles that add a beautiful glow to any style. Available at in September 2014. Retail: $7.99

Sombre.  No it’s not the latest dance craze from Cuba or the new Los Angeles workout groove. Sombre is this summer’s hair color trend according to Joico’s celebrity colorist Denis de Souza. I had the pleasure of meeting him at the very swanky Joico party at the Sunset Marquis Hotel bungalows. After enjoying the delicious Instant Refresh cocktail, while sitting in the garden under white lights and spring foliage, I hunted down De Souza to get the scoop.

“Sombre is this summer’s hot look – ease into ombre instead of the more drastic dark to light, subtle ombre,” he says while showing off some lovely hair models, “Also platinum and edgy” (read 80’s punk and old Gwen Stefani), “Along with a long bob.” I love this very opposite collection of styles and colors. It is exciting and different for the warm Los Angeles nights and everyone’s unique taste can come into play.

Joico introduced the new Limited Edition Gold Dust Shimmer Finishing Spray. This new shimmer spray adds brilliant shine and luminous shimmer to hair with an ultra light hold, light reflecting particles that add a beautiful glow to any style.

The Joico party had more to show off than just the new fashion trends.  Joico announced a year long partnership with artist Bella Pilar. Her designs will decorate gift giveaways with new products. Chic limited edition already-launched products were decorating the Sunset Marquis bungalow for the event. Tote bags, sunglass cases, cellphone cases, and cool kits with Bella Pilar animation are what Joico fans have to look forward to.


Joico’s KPAK Bella Pilar Special Occasions Repair Kits were featured at the event in celebration of the year long partnership with artist, Bella Pilar. The case includes a free gift with purchase, a sunglass case.

Of course Joico is known for cutting edge design as well as product launches and this night was no exception. The new Limited Edition Gold Dust Shimmer Finishing Spray adds just the right shine and shimmer to hair with a light hold. Stevie Nicks would be proud, and this spray works great on long 70’s locks as well as hipster bobs.

Joico’s KPAK with shampoo, conditioner and hydratante cream launched this month and the free gift with purchase is the sunglass case designed by Bella Pilar. A perfect grab for Angelenos with our constant need to shade the eyes. My personal favorite was the dry shampoo that works amazingly well, even for brunettes like me. The stylist showed me that this dry shampoo leaves no residue and I was hooked. This is the perfect travel accessory. I’ve got my hot weather hair combo all lined up now.


Shenae Grimes and hubby Josh Beech being silly behind the DJ booth at Joico’s Summer Event hosted by Denis de Souza at the Sunset Marquis on Wednesday, May 7th in LA. (Photo Credit: Alex Wyman from Invision)

The party was a swirling sensory experience between the garden patio setting, warm breezes through the trees, guest DJ Shenae Grimes and DJ Josh Beech’s hypnotic tunes and the constant parade of perfect hairstyles wandering through the event.  I’ve never seen such beautiful hair in one place. I knew after this night exactly what I needed to do to give myself a fresh look. Grab Joico products at and head straight to my favorite hair stylist Eric John at Taboo Hair on West 3rd Street. One Sombre color session for me please!  Bring on the heat!!


Whitney Port and Joico’s Celebrity Colorist, Denis de Souza, catching up at the Joico Summer Event at the Sunset Marquis on Wednesday night in LA. (Photo Credit: Alex Wyman from Invision)


IMG_1478-3Natalie Compagno has traveled to over eighty countries and writes for numerous international travel publications. She loves living near W. 3rd Street in Los Angeles and has also lived in San Francisco, New York and for a brief, wonderful summer in France. She owns Traveler’s Bookcase, a renowned travel bookstore in Los Angeles, with her husband Greg.




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