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Fashion for Breakfast at Cecconi’s in West Hollywood
Finally a day at the beach! Unleashed in Playa
Melissa’s wedding in Malibu – September 2017

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Melissa Curtin
Melissa Curtin

Melissa Curtin ~ LaLaScoop Co-founder

Even at a very young age, California called Melissa. After growing up in Connecticut and spending a decade in Washington, DC, Melissa drove across country solo not only for a new job but for a dream – to live an interesting and exciting life. Immediately, Melissa fell in love with the dynamic energy and creative spirit of Los Angeles. Now, 13 years later she looks back and knows it was one of the best decisions of her life.

Although an avid traveler, she always loves returning to LaLaLand. From time spent living in the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood, she now enjoys the solitude of Malibu, a place that always felt like her church. Hiking in Los Angeles’s endless canyons is her peace. The influential and interesting people make her feel alive. The cultural enclaves of the city make her feel excited. The anonymity of living in a big city makes her feel free. She wants you to discover why LA is the greatest city in the world … so you too will #NeverLeaveLA.

An Ode to LA in AAA World Magazine –

Melissa is a travel and food writer, private educator, globetrotter, nature lover, and fitness fiend. At age 20 she traveled around the world on Semester at Sea fueling her desire to explore and learn about other cultures. She graduated from Gettysburg College with a B.A. in Psychology and Art History and earned a Master’s Degree in Education soon after from the University of New Haven in West Haven, Connecticut. Her fondest college memories include 3 service-learning projects she participated in between semesters. She lived and volunteered on the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona, the schools in St. John, U.S.V.I, and the projects of Chester, Pennsylvania. In 2004 as a Fulbright Scholarship grantee, she taught in England.

Find her travel and food articles in AAA World Magazine print, Zagat Stories, Lonely Planet, Lonely Planet, Lonely PlanetRoadtrippers Magazine, Canadian Traveller, Wellness Lounge Magazine, LA Weekly, MoneyInc, LA Travel Magazine print, LA Downtowner – hotel, LA Downtowner – Q sushiBusiness Insider, Resident Magazine, JohnnyJetWeSaidGoTravel, Touring Bird – Maui tips, Southern California Life Magazine print, Malibu Magazine, Malibu Coast Lifestyle Magazine, Conejo Valley Lifestyle Magazine,  Bleu Magazine, Destinations MagazineFocus Magazine, Trusted Travel Girl, and World Footprints. Some of her favorite travel articles are published in Darling Magazine.

Melissa divulges in Orbitz, Curiosity Magazine, and Voyage LA. Her thoughts on travel writing can be found in Curiosity Magazine and recently, how to survive the quarantine in AroundtheWorldwithJustin. Melissa and her husband Mark McDavitt recently appreciated HIJACK’s thought-provoking art in Malibu.

Rochelle Robinson, co-founder of LaLaScoop
Rochelle Robinson

Rochelle Robinson ~ LaLaScoop Co-founder

Before there were seatbelt laws, Rochelle took seasonal drives down the curvy coastline from Seattle to Los Angeles on her mom’s lap, as her dad took the wheel of their family 911 – top-down, breeze blowing, feeling the freedom of nearing California. These childhood trips landed the three of them in quaint beach towns like Carmel by the Sea to the vibrant streets of LA. Always a glutton for the water and sunshine, it is no wonder that as a young adult she found herself taking one of her first jobs in Los Angeles without hesitation. With a quick stint in San Diego, Los Angeles has been where she has worked, played, loved, and soaked in the powerful peacefulness of the ocean waves for nearly 20 years now. Although her heart is torn for the absence of her family, the eclectic experiences and opportunities that LA has to offer continue to draw her in as an artist, writer, outdoor and fitness enthusiast, teacher, entrepreneur, and simply as a person. Co-creating LaLaScoop with her dear friend Melissa Curtin is a hopeful ploy to open up the LA experience for visitors, locals, and transplants so that, if even merely in our hearts, we will… Never Leave LA.

And so it is so, Rochelle has literally, but not figuratively, left LA and is rooting down in Seattle. She’s opening up our JetAway section to the Seattle area. If you’re traveling or have peeps in the PNW, take a gander.

Rochelle is the owner/trainer at Andiamo Body (home of Beachside Booty Boosts), a fine artist for LSO Designs, and is an elementary school teacher. 




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