Use JetSmarter to book your next Jet Away

JetSmarter is changing the way people fly by offering the world’s largest private jet marketplace and unprecedented membership services. JetSmarter is a mobile app that seamlessly connects travelers to private jets at attractive fares worldwide, in real time. JetSmarter democratizes the private aviation industry by reducing the entry price for consumers and increasing demand for air carriers. The app modernizes the booking process by eliminating … Continue reading Use JetSmarter to book your next Jet Away

An LA Love Story – Part 2

To continue our LOVE affair with LA, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day month, LaLaScoop has reached out to hear why our fellow Angelenos adore La La Land. Here’s the Scoop. LOVE STORY: Part Two 1. The music venues big and small – everyone you could ever dream of plays here. 2. The hiking – I can go five to seven minutes and hike three … Continue reading An LA Love Story – Part 2

Anchovy Carnage in the Marina

The stench has finally subsided from the residual carnage due to last month’s sudden loss of sea life in Marina del Rey. It took a solid couple of weeks before I could bear my nose to the wind while walking beside the docks. But, the water remained impenetrable to the eye long after. Anchovies, sharks, even sea lions lay dormant, dead, thick on the sea … Continue reading Anchovy Carnage in the Marina