Super Record Set with SuperPower Dogs

This past weekend, a new Guinness world record was broken in LA. “What world record?” you may ask. 108 dogs collaborated for the title of “Largest Dog Photo Shoot” at Vista Hermosa Park in Los Angeles. While setting this record, the group was filmed for the final scene of Superpower Dogs, an IMAX feature film. The film is set for a March 2019 release. The day … Continue reading Super Record Set with SuperPower Dogs


Poetry in PATERSON

PATERSON was an intimate portrayal of two small town dreamers’ lives in the suburban town of Paterson, New Jersey.  One is a bus driver by day – poet by night, played gorgeously by Adam Driver, and the other is his baker by day – fashion designer/musician/artist by night wife, played charismatically by Golshifeh Farahani.  The characters both have great talent and passion, so it is … Continue reading Poetry in PATERSON