Guide to the Fourth of July in LA (during a pandemic)

The City of Angels has a reputation for throwing the classiest parties ever, and it’s not going to let a little thing like a pandemic cramp its style. If you’re getting back in the travel groove after quarantine, there’s no better place to enjoy the quintessential American holiday — the Fourth of July. While some celebrations may look different, the vibe is 100% California fun, … Continue reading Guide to the Fourth of July in LA (during a pandemic)

Labor Day Party Essentials

Labor Day Weekend marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. As climates in most cities remain the same, calendar happenings change as we shed the summer fun activities, and embrace to enter holiday season preparation. Most Labor Day outings consist of final beach visits for the weekend, or the blowout BBQ party leaving behind an unforgettable summer. Wherever your escape takes you, … Continue reading Labor Day Party Essentials