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Dr. Sharp & The Detox Market Offer Up Tasty, Natural, Vegan Oral Care – Why Would You Use Anything Else?

In our age of innumerable, purifying juice cleanse options and fitness crazes you could sample each day of the year and still have a list of options left over, the line-up of oral care has been fairly limited to the basic, big company, grocery store staples. But, have you ever thought about what you might be brushing, flossing and rinsing your teeth with each morning, noon and night? Dr. Sharp has, and so has The Detox Market in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Sharp Natual Oral Care (photo: courtesy of

Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care (photo: courtesy of

The oral care product line that the notable, fourth generation, aesthetic dentist out of Miami, Dr. Sharp, has created, provides a delightfully fresh and unique option for us health-conscious peeps that will get and keep your pearly whites clean, clean, clean and your mind and body free, free, free from toxic additives. The products are so pure that they even meet vegan standards. Once you give his line a try, you seriously won’t want to put any other oral care products near your mouth or down your bathroom drain. The products are not only good for your body, but also good for the earth, which in turn is again good for your body. Capisce?

The Detox Market co-founders, Romain Gaillard and Valerie Grandury (photo: couresy of

The Detox Market co-founders, Romain Gaillard and Valerie Grandury (photo: courtesy of

In addition to taking it from the LaLa Ladies, you can be sure Dr. Sharp’s products meet top health and beauty standards by using only pure and effective ingredients because you can now find his line at The Detox Market, a unique award-winning concept store in Beverly Hills. “We scout the world for the purest products and test thousands. They must meet strict criteria: zero toxicity, but they also need to perform even better than their toxic equivalent. And in the end they have to look good,” states co-founder, Romain Gaillard. French-born, green entrepreneurs, Valerie Grandury and Romain Gaillard are dedicated to not only providing a new generation of Eco goods, united by both ethics and aesthetics with a luxe, international spin, but also to educating their customers. They encourage all to sample, taste, and experiment with any product they desire.

Dr. Sharp (photo: courtesy of

Dr. Sharp (photo: courtesy of

The fluoride, paraben, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and alcohol-free oral care products by Dr. Sharp are simply like no other oral care products I have ever sampled. After I squeezed, rolled and twisted my last tubes free of the remaining remnants of my yummy Fresh Mint with Green Tea and Wild Berry toothpaste options, and had to temporarily resort back to using the remainder of my grocery store pick, I actually experienced a slight gagging effect as I commenced the brushing of my teeth. I liken it to “going organic” and giving up the likes of pesticide ridden apples. Once you’ve done that, should you happen to sink your teeth into a “regular” apple again, the toxins upon even the skin are suddenly glaringly apparent and off-putting. It becomes difficult to carry on with the mastication process. Sometimes finding out what you do not want is the very thing that reveals what you do want with clarity. Dr. Sharp natural oral care is the way to go for clean, sustainable, natural products that you can trust are healthy and work wonders too. Sample his line at The Detox Market and experience it for yourself.

2 Responses to “Dr. Sharp & The Detox Market Offer Up Tasty, Natural, Vegan Oral Care – Why Would You Use Anything Else?”

  1. Monica

    Great article! I just ordered some of the toothpaste from the Detox market and some deodorant as well!


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