Cycle (Beach) House in Santa Monica is Ready to Make You Sweat

Beach cruisers are super sweet for strolling around your neighborhood or up and down our incredibly long LA beach path. But, if you want to get your sweat on and your body seriously rockin’, stop off at the new Cycle House in Santa Monica along the way of your beaten path.

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Cycle House in-house spinning gear in their signature colors of electric green and black. (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)
Cycle House in-house spinning gear in their signature colors of electric green and black. (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)

Co-founded by newlyweds from the East Coast, Adam and Lara Gillman, who simply just love to spin, Cycle House keeps it in-house and consistent when selecting members of their spinning family. You have to spin there and complete a full Cycle House training under the direction of Aaron Hines, to earn the right to potentially lead spin classes there. So, when a client walks through the door Monday thru Sunday at 6:00AM thru 7:45PM either in Santa Monica Beach House or their West Hollywood location, clients know full well what they’re getting into… an awesome Cycle House Spin experience. Complete with muscle pumping tunes, a bit of light interim weight lifting, and even a few handlebar push-ups, and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), your legs will surely be climbing and sprinting until your body burns between a flippin’ 500-1,000 calories in under an hour. Wow, right? If you are into a variety of modalities in your spin class, Cycle House is the place to be. Go on and register for your first ride. The Beach House is primed to make their house your House!

Some extra perks we love about Cycle House:

Parking is super convenient, as it is right next door.
If you forget or don’t have shoes with cleats yet, they provide santized shoes.
They provide unlimited access to Alkaline water, hydrating a body significantly more than regular water.
Cycle Go Take1/Give2 program donates two meals to a hungy American in need with every ride.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: 8511 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood, CA 90069 | 310.358.0888

SANTA MONICA: 1541 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401 | 310.394.4800 |

EMAIL & SOCIAL: | Twitter: @cyclehousela | Instagram: @cyclehousela



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