208 Rodeo A Hidden Gem

208 Rodeo in Beverly Hills (photo: courtesy of 208 Rodeo)
208 Rodeo in Beverly Hills (photo: courtesy of 208 Rodeo)

Charming, romantic, elegant, and quaint, 208 Rodeo beautifully nestles along the trademark cobblestone via of Beverly Hills. From the incredible art works of Egon Schiele and Picasso upon the walls to the sumptuous California cuisine with pan-Asian and French influences upon the tables, it’s the perfect spot to cozy up with a date, your family or your friends and dine in style for breakfast, lunch, Happy Hour and dinner.

There menus are rich with an incredible array of artfully crafted dishes, created from only the freshest of ingredients and by the creative mind of the chef. During my media dining experience, each dish looked more exquisite than the last; from lovely tomato bisque, to a succulent roasted salmon, their over the top 208 Wagyu Burger with truffle cheese, to their signature featured Tomahawk Steak – a grand display of 1 3/4 pounds of dry aged, bone-in rib eye steak.

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But, what I appreciated most is the way they treated me during this media event. They didn’t just accommodate my vegan ways by taking certain animal based products out of their already deveoped dishes, they created very special vegan plates just for me. Each dish was a total treat to all of my senses. They served me a Fattoush Salad of light greens with a red vinaigrette and a delightful radish and dill tahini that was creamy and refreshing at the same time, as well as a play on their Tuscan Salad with kale, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, cherries and squash, a beautiful plate of Roasted Brussel Sprouts with a cherry vinaigrette that gave the soft, yet textural, bites a deepness with a hint of high tang, and my absolute favorite – their vegan burger created with avocado, squash, sprouts, edamame, humus, caramelized onions, humus. It was soft and juicy on the inside, crispy on the outside with just the right hint of spice. 208 Rodeo can do this for you too, or meet any of your dietary needs with a flavorful flair, for sure!

208 Rodeo in Beverly Hills (photo: courtesy of 208 Rodeo)
208 Rodeo in Beverly Hills (photo: courtesy of 208 Rodeo)

Intimate and artfully designed, this hidden gem is perfectly placed among the ritzy shops of Two Rodeo. Sit upon their flagstone patio overlooking the Beverly-Wilshire Hotel, the gorgeous setting of Pretty Woman, or nestle into the artful intererior of the restaurant and experience the luxury bistro fare that 208 Rodeo has been serving since 1991.






208 Rodeo
Where: 208 Via Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 275-2428

Open: Daily for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 4 to 7 p.m.

Reservations: Open Table



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