Coachella Festival Trends to Stay!

Coachella trends have been piling on year after year. Initially, boho style with fringe, flower crowns, and flash tattoos were essentials for the first festival of the season, but much is changing. Although LA Fashion Week could never hold a candle to New York Fashion Week, some say that Coachella fashion got it right for trends, coining it the better Fashion week for the west coast. Millions of brands flock to the music festival to launch summer trends on the chic and most watched. Certain brands such as the Harper’s Bazar Luncheon or the Revolve Party host some of the biggest kick off parties allowing the who’s who of the Internet to show off what they call “cool”.

Coachella Festival (photo credit: InTheMixJunkie)


What is Coachella weekend without wandering the fields of the music festival and spotting your favorite celeb dawning some sort of Coachella get up. Is it the hat, sunglasses, sandals, or jean shorts that makes the outfit, or is it really the sense of attitude that is felt when one attends the dessert during these days? All we know is Coachella is addicting, and so are the trends that happen before or after this festival flock fest. So just what are the essential items that one may bring to Coachella that stand the test of trends year after year? I mean what is it you grab before your friends grab you for that 2 hr. car ride from LA to the desert?

Here is what we think:

Skin First, Sun Second-Let’s face it- we all are not getting any younger, and people of all ages attend Coachella. There is minimal shade on that field, and we are all fighting for it. That being said, come to Coachella prepared. If you are going to step out of that Air BnB, step out prepared. Keep your skin hydrated and protected. A useful tip from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Spencer Barnes is to take your SPF and mix it in with your foundation. This will ensure protective coverage all day as long as you re-apply when necessary. We Recommend the VI Derm SPF 50+ due to its water resistant capabilities; you won’t have to worry about sweating away your sun protection.




Description: VI DERM SPF 50+ Sunscreen

Price: $30.00

Where to buy:



A Pop of Color- Come on, we all pack something that will be bright and fun for Coachella. Some of you grab those terrible neon orange plastic glasses, or a turquoise & gold jewelry ensemble that the next girl bought from H&M. We Recommend Joico’s new InstaTint! This temporary color spray will bring out your trendy side without the commitment of actually dying your hair.  Spray on that pop of color, and wash it away the minute you shower. Genius!



Product name: InstaTint

Price: $9.99

Where to buy:


Sandals or comfort- Bohemian sandals are a Coachella must for most. Literally you could be wearing the Stuart Weitzman Grecian sandals that every Kardashian has, or the latest sandal splurge from Forever 21 that came in tan, black, or white. Either way they do not look comfortable enough to be spending 12 hours on grass or dust all day. We Recommend the Chuck Taylor Converse. These classic sneakers go with any outfit. They look stylish, chic, and playful with a maxi dress, skinny jeans, and jean shorts. The benefit of wearing Chuck Taylor’s on and off the dusty fields is you save the pedicure.


Product Name: The Chuck Taylor

Where to buy

Price: $60.00


Barely There Makeup- Sometimes when in the desert there is so much dust flying around it is hard to cake on the bake right? I mean really, contouring is very important, and so is the Kylie Lip Kit, but truthfully you could party hop and hit the fields with just subtle makeup and still look fabulous at Coachella. Try a bright, vibrant color on your lips to dress up your casual festival makeup. We recommend Chasing Saturday by AJ Crimson, the color is vibrant with a silky matte finish completing your festival look.



Product Name: A.J. Crimson- Chasing Saturday

Description: Bright Pink

Price: $18.50

Where to buy:



That Dress- Most of the year we are looking for the sexy stand out dress, but during festival season it is always nice to have THAT dress. The dress that makes you feel youthful, childlike, playful, and romantic all at the same time. Often you see girls in florals, cut outs, mesh dresses, and fringe everything, either way you see a girl rocking a dress that makes her feel fabulous during Coachella. Grab that one and let’s go! The Amuse Society dresses are beachy and beautiful. There are so many styles that are perfect for Coachella, you really can not go wrong with any online.


Product Name: Amuse Society’s Sakura Dress

Where to Buys

Price- $50-75.00


Jean Shorts- I mean…. staple. In between all the damn parties giving away free T-shirts, you really need not bring anything else but your jean shorts. What is fun about Coachella is what everyone is doing with jean shorts. From adding their own DIY style to designer brands, jean shorts seem to always be what you live in for three days. Now where can you go to pick literally every jean short trend possible? Top Shop is the answer. I have never seen more options. This is your Coachella Jean Short destination.



Brand Name Top Shop Moto Shorts

Where to buy

Price -$50.00


A Charger- How else will you document all those sunsets that make you feel like you are experiencing Parisian lighting? How else will you take selfies on every Ferris wheel in site? How else will you snap chat your favorite party? How else will you document that wrist band party? Lastly how else will you Instagram your favorite DJ? There is no better mobile charging device other than the Mophie. Their Juice Pack reserve will have music junkies happy for days. It is the most compact battery case mophie has ever created. This will keep your phone charged an extra 4 hours, lightweight design, providing advanced power, reliability and protection to your iPhone.


Brand Name The Mophie Juice Pack Reserve

Where to buy

Price $59.95


The Lifesaver Staple- the Dessert can be hot or cold, but it is quite terrible when those winds pick up. Most sporting the Coachella fashion and trends are hardly wearing coats. However who wants to wear an oversized sweatshirt with logos or brands on it that you do not care for. Before you leave for the dessert sun, grab a light weight hoodie that has a classic vibe to it. The American Made Supply Company has the Terry Full Zip which is slim fit, and perfect over any outfit or to wrap around your waist.



Brand Name American Made Supply  Co Full Zip Hoodie

Where to Buy

Price $60.00









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