How To Know If You’re A Healer

img_8369How do might you know if you are an Energy Healer? Try these introspective propositions on for size:
1. Your entire life people have constantly sought you out for guidance, clarity and leadership.
2. You’ve given of yourself tirelessly to the point of exhaustion and health problems.
3. You’re intuitive.
4. You have a healing touch.
5. You’ve had enough.
6. You know you have a gift. You’re finally ready to be recognized and compensated.
7. You want to be of help. You just haven’t been able to figure out how or where you belong. And what’s more, you are seeking your own healing from a troubled history.

The world may look a bit bleak when you are not doing what you love. But, if you have a curiosity, an intense longing and calling from deep within to heal yourself and provide life-changing healing for others. There is actually an awesome place just for you!

Thank you for helping me discover parts of myself that I never knew existed. I am starting to understand how and why my defenses escalate so quickly and feel hopeful that I can finally do something about it! Thank you for the support and for creating the sacred space so that I could grow. ~Anita Tavenier, teacher

LA is the cutting edge town for visionaries in professional modalities and has some of the greatest pioneers in the world of healing. Only thirty years ago, chiropractic and acupuncture were considered quackery. Over 30,000 people per MONTH, google Energy Healing to seek treatment and learn more about its health benefits. Energy Healing has just begun to establish its value in the world of western medicine. As a complementary medicine modality, Energy Healing has a profound impact in quality of life for those struggling with cancer, diabetes and chronic pain to name only a few.

You may be yearning for an environment that is supportive, so you can have the space to discover how to change the limiting thinking that has been holding you back. You feel ready to step into your life’s purpose, you just need to get clear on exactly what that is and how to go about fulfilling it!

“Lionheart is not only for people who wish to have a healing practice. Lionheart is for all who are seeking a different way of life, a different way to see the world and ourselves in it. I wanted a way to shift my consciousness from outer to inner and I’m yearning to make a change in our world.” ~Bob, Businessman, Milwaukee

If this speaks to you, come to Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing in Studio City (on Tujunga, are favorite street in the area) this Saturday, May 7 from 10 am to 12:30 pm for their Essential Keys to Energy Healing! You’ll not only learn tools to heal and energize yourself, but also tools to potentially heal others. And, get this!! Just for being a LaLaScoop reader, you are being given a $97 LaLaScoop Guest Scholarship. Register here for FREE and take some giant steps to positively effect the course of your life!

You’ll learn 3 essential truths to overcome self-sabotaging patterns during the Essential Keys to Energy Healing Workshop!

Essential Key Truth #1: The issue is in the tissue, change your relationship with the issue and you change the tissue.

Essential Key Truth #2: The physical body follows the energy body. Realize how chronic pain is a key trait for empathic people and how headaches, stress and dis-ease begins. Experience how to shift your energy body to a healing state to break self-sabotaging patterns.

Essential Key Truth #3: You know those times when you’re with an intimate friend yet feel like you’re a million miles away?

Without connection, there is no communication. Connection facilitates healing. Learn how to connect!
These three keys are essential for healing transformation. Whether seeking healing for yourself or to facilitate healing for others.

Check out what happened for Jenisa, a professional actress, after attending the Essential Keys class:

Lionheart Institute’s “Essential Keys to Energy Healing” Workshop

May 7th, 10:00AM-12:30PM

Lionheart Institute of Transpersonal Energy Healing
4370 Tujunga Ave
Studio City, CA 91604
Information: (818) 640-6444
Registration: (818) 509-1800

FREE for LaLaScoop Readers! Click here! Be sure to write in the notes that you’re a LaLaScoop Reader! xo



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