Splash Night Friday’s in Hollywood- A Night Swim Experience

Splash Night Friday’s at The W Hotel Rooftop

Trendsetters in Los Angeles are in constant search of the newest and hottest events to overstimulate the pleasure centers in their brain. In LA where the weather is consistently pleasant year-round, summer is amped with intoxicating events like Splash Night Fridays. Bubbles floating above the beautiful crowd, views overlooking Hollywood and Los Angeles, Bulldog Gin satiating guests…..

According to recent studies, gin is slowly making a comeback in the States. As someone who frequently travels around the world, there has always been a strong presence of Gin in the European party scene making it a more “worldly” product. However, those looking to indulge in their liberal side have been slowly recreating that want in a market, in search of the best spirits for a night on the town.

Upon entry to the event, guests were greeted with Lei’s as this evening’s theme was geared toward a party in Bora Bora. Each week for Splash Night Friday’s, the staff has concocted a different theme to keep the party fresh. After being “Lei’d,” party goers were escorted to an elevator dimly lit with lights, then escorted through a large glass window walkway overlooking Hollywood to bring revelers to the pool area filled with cabanas.



A guest DJ playing Deep House music got the party grooving and by 10 pm partygoers were jumping in the pool, lounging with cocktails on floaties, and enjoying a night swim. Besides two full bars, Canard Duchene champagne flowed, along with a satellite bar with VieVite Rose Wine, and low-calorie cocktails by SlimChic amped conversations and connections. 



Splash Friday Nights differs from other destinations in Hollywood, providing a very friendly, classy scene where you can feel comfortable. Beautiful pictures tell a story, but it takes your own eyes to experience the magic– with that said, make sure to check out Splash Night Friday’s every Friday this summer beginning at 9:00 PM at the W Hotel in Hollywood.




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