Feast Your Eyes and Stomach at Feastown at Eastown

Feastown at Eastown is a bi-weekly pop-up market featuring rotating food vendors and musicians in the heart of Hollywood. The relaxed atmosphere and community vibe differentiates it from other larger food pop ups. The casual vibe of the market opened up a community atmosphere that can be difficult to find in a bustling neighborhood like Hollywood. Six unique vendors were on site to provide culinary delight, while a live band entertained diners. This food festival is different from others, in that the proceeds from the bi-weekly event go to charity.

Some of the vendors I was able to sample included:


CreativiTea sources their teas from Thailand and Taiwan. Growing up, I frequented Taiwanese tea shops in both the San Gabriel valley and in Taiwan. CreativiTea offered tart and sweet flavored drinks and delivered in both presentation and taste. Using special bar tools, the barista carefully crafted a perfectly layered drink packaged in a reusable bottle, complete with a splash guard.



Dumplings and Dim Sum at a food stand? I was immediately intrigued, as being raised Chinese, I had only eaten dim sum at sit down restaurants in the San Gabriel Valley.  Brothercary cooked different types of dumplings. Nothing can compare to Dim Sum that’s pushed around in a giant dining hall by small sweaty Asian women, but the Dim Sum plate held its own. The tougher texture of the dumpling skins reflected the fact that they were cooked in a outdoor food stand, but the distinct flavor of the handmade fillings made the dumplings memorable. The green dumpling, filled which chicken, spinach, and shrimp, was most unique.

Norigami Tacos

These tacos immediately intrigued me. As a sushi classicist, I was interested to see how the presentation of the sushi elements would affect the quality and taste. Would it be any different than eating the same ingredients in a sushi roll? These tacos were heartier and heavier than a traditional sushi roll. The serving of softshell crab on the taco was more generous than anything I’ve seen at a sushi restaurant. The taco “shell” was unique in that it consisted of lightly battered and fried nori. It had the crunch of a taco shell, but the delicateness of the traditional salted seaweed you find in sushi. Initially, I was skeptical of change in what I considered an already perfected art, but Norigami delivered sushi in a unique and delicious way.

Mason’s Den

Mason’s Den was the most intriguing of the food stands. Everything on the menu was Instagram-worthy, and the unicorn elote could spark a cult following not unlike a Starbucks unicorn frappuccino. Walking up to the stand, your nose was filled with the sweet and savory scent of cooked corn. The unicorn elote was served on a stick, slathered in pink mayo, and sprinkled with rainbow colored crumbs. The hot Cheetos elote was conveniently served in a cup, drizzled with mayo and topped with hot Cheetos. The sweetness of both the mayo and the corn overpowered any spiciness of the Cheetos. The Cheetos served as an interesting texture, rather than a significant addition to the flavor profile. These dishes are certainly great for pictures!

The vendors for Feastown at Eastown change monthly, and if you are constantly looking for new bites to try, this would be a great event to attend! The festival is casual, easy to enjoy, and the atmosphere is relaxed.

All photos courtesy of Melissa Len Toohey.


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