Highland Park


NELA’s (North East of Los Angeles) emerging neighborhoods continue to explode as young singles and families who can now no longer afford more established areas, such as Silverlake, move in. Highland Park, which has been on the scene for a while, persists to be the front and center of what urban-cool gentrification can aspire to.

Highland Park sits just west of South Pasadena, just south of Eagle Rock and can be accessed by its two main arteries; York – running East to West and Figueroa running North to South. The Metro Gold Line stops at 57th close to Figueroa greeting passengers with a charming Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays.

The center of Highland Park’s shopping, dining, and nightlife area is divided amongst the two main arteries; Figueroa from 50th to 60th Avenues with the remodeled Highland Park Bowl along with Civil Coffee serving as anchors. On York Avenue there is Doughnut Friend (reason enough to drive to Highland Park), Pop-Hop Books and Print offering a beautifully curated selection of art, small press zines and adult and children’s books, Cafe De Leche Coffee, Planta Nursery and Highland Park Cafe – which serves the best Hamburger in the City. Old-school-noteworthy points of interest are the Police Museum and Galco’s Soda Pop Shop on York and The Chicken-Boy statue and The Highland Theatre, once the center of HP, on Figueroa.

Opening soon on York is Pine and Crane’s second location after much success from
their first restaurant in Silverlake. And coming soon to Fig street, as the locals refer, in the landmark Frank’s Camera building will be a new restaurant / bar, and Pacific Union Realty.

The style of homes in HP range from the more established historical Craftsmans and Spanish bungalows to newly built modern architectural. Prices for done homes range from the low $500s to $2 million.

800 Chestnut Ave 2Bed / 3 Bath $835,000 (Photo courtesy of TheMls.com)
6316 Crescent St. 4Bed/3Bath $959,000 (Photo courtesy of TheMls.com)
318 Shanely 3Bed / 2Bath $819,000 (Photo courtesy of TheMls.com)

The average age in HP is 28 so the area reads young. Most industries are represented but creatives rank high amongst its diverse residents. Notable current and past residents are DJ and music producer Skrillex, musicians Beck and Chris Corner, actress Diane Keaton, comedian Marc Maron, and astronomer and astrophysicist Frank E. Roach.

Once you’ve had lunch at one of the many great restaurants, are fully caffeinated and have experienced all the shops take your dog to Garvanza park, have a swim at the Highland Park Rec outdoor pool or simply stroll along the rolling hills of your new new neighborhood. And as always let me know if I can help you.

Los Angeles has gotten noticeably more populated and, as things go, rents and purchase prices continue to rapidly go up. As a result, the urban gentrification ripple has widened it circle. As a Realtor, it’s my job to know what’s happening, at what price point, where. As a working mother in real estate, I’m not always able to jump on a plane to an exotic location so often going to the other side of the city can help satiate the wanderlust in me. One of the goals of this column is to sniff out upcoming areas to possibly plant your flag or, at the very least, grab a new cup of coffee. Join me.

True Cross has worked in Los Angeles Real Estate for over 12 years. She has extensive knowledge of the areas she covers by fully emerging herself in the neighborhoods. She specializes in luxury properties but thrills at helping first time buyers find their first home, too. You can follow True and her house obsession @housepaparazzi



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