Songwriter & producer Linus Of Hollywood on his favorite spots to eat and drink in L.A.

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Linus Of Hollywood got his first big break as the frontman of the band Size 14, which had a rock radio hit with “Claire Danes Poster.” After Size 14 disbanded in the late 1990s, Linus began pursuing a solo career, while also launching a record label and writing and producing for other artists. In turn, his credits include a lot of prominent artists, including Bowling For Soup, The Smashing Pumpkins, Cheap Trick, The Charlatans, 5 Seconds Of Summer, Jennifer Lopez, DJ Swamp, Kool Keith, Paul Gilbert and Puff Daddy.

Presently, Linus Of Hollywood’s music can be heard regularly on Nickelodeon as he co-wrote the theme song for School Of Rock. Last year he released his fifth solo album, Cabin Life, and also makes time to play in the band Nerf Herder and the Bowling For Soup-related group Jarinus.

On behalf of LaLaScoop, I had the pleasure of speaking with Linus about his favorite places to eat and/or drink within Los Angeles. More on the always-entertaining Linus Of Hollywood can be found online by visiting

Based on your artist name, and the fact that you’ve been based in L.A. for around 25 years, you are very synonymous with the area. Where are some of your go-to places for late-night eats?

Linus Of Hollywood: For late-night food I usually hit one of L.A.’s amazing diners — my favorites are Swingers and the 101 Coffee Shop. Nice big menus, all-day breakfast and amazing service. If I’m being honest, I think I have a crush on half the staff at both places.

What about a favorite brunch spot or two?

Linus Of Hollywood: Toast On 3rd is a great brunch spot to sit outside and soak up the perfect L.A. weather. They will give you a small dish of ketchup no matter what you order. It seems wasteful but I never say anything.

Is there a spot that you like to use for work-related meetings?

Linus Of Hollywood: TOI On Sunset has a great rock & roll vibe and good seating for larger groups. I generally try and get the table under the picture of Madonna masturbating. Across the street is El Compadre which is also great for a cozy meeting. You know the old saying: “if you’re going to make terrible business deals, it’s always nice to have a mariachi band is playing in the background.”

When it is time to grab a few drinks outside of the home, where do you usually go?

Linus Of Hollywood: My all-time favorite bar is Boardner’s. I’ve been going there since I moved here. I’ve celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. It’s an old-school Hollywood bar that’s right off of Hollywood Blvd., but seems to escape the tourists since it’s tucked back off of the street. I also love some of the “dive-ier” bars in Hollywood. The Burgundy Room and The Frolic Room are frequent sites of my late-night mayhem. I’ve had sex in the bathroom at all three places — and I wasn’t by myself. (laughs) Hopefully, they won’t read this.

Do you have a favorite concert venue in town to see a show at?

Linus Of Hollywood: I’ve been going to a small club called Madame Siam’s a lot recently and have enjoyed the shows there. I’ve always liked the Viper Room for good sound, and the Bootleg Theater has a good vibe. I also enjoy sitting on my couch, eating an edible and watching concerts on YouTube.

Food aside, what are you currently working on?

Linus Of Hollywood: Producing and writing with my friends’ bands, like Bowling For Soup, Punch Punch Kick, and Jeff Whalen from Tsar. Playing in Nerf Herder, lots of summer touring coming up. And composing music for TV/film.

Also, I’m working on myself a lot, usually by starting each day exercising and eating healthy food and slowly deteriorating as the day goes on until I’m drunk and smoking cigarettes in an alley.

Finally, Linus, any last words for the kids?

Linus Of Hollywood: Drink lots of water.


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