25 Must-Check-Out Brands From The 2019 Summer Fancy Food Show & Beyond

As hosted last month at New York City’s Jacob Javits Center, the Summer Fancy Food Show offered at least six football fields worth of specialty foods, including chocolate, cheese, olive oil and snacks. The largest special food industry event in North America, the Fancy Food Show is known to showcase its field’s best products and newest innovations. As presented by the membership-based Specialty Food Association — as founded in 1952 — attendees come from all walks of life, and over 34,000 people appear to have attended the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show.

As getting through well over 1,000 booths — in addition to dozens of scheduled events and presentations — ought to be very challenging, I decided to make it easier for readers of LaLaScoop who could not attend this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show. In turn, below are some must-try, recommended brands that were exhibited this year at the Javits Center, in addition to some other food and beverage-related new discoveries of mine.


Luckybar was created by founder, CEO and mom of two, Jamie Oberweger, to help provide better nutrition for kids everywhere. Luckybars are the only kids protein bar that has more protein than two large eggs. Since launching two and a half years ago, the company has more than doubled in size year over year. Luckybars are low in sugar, carbohydrates and sodium and have no fillers, gluten or preservatives. They come in five delicious flavors, including, Chocolate Campfire, Cosmic Chocolate Caramel Almond, Crazy Coconut, Pirate Peanut Butter Chocolate and Strawberry Sandcastles. The bars are now available in Sam’s Club, Walmart, Amazon and other major retailers nationwide.

That’s it.

That’s it. products only use natural, non-GMO fruit as its goal is to make eating healthy snacks easy and stress-free. No washing, cutting or peeling is required. Plus, That’s it. don’t add any preservatives, colors, or added sugars through purees, concentrates, and juices. Its products have five or fewer ingredients, while also vegan, kosher, gluten-free, Paleo-certified and Whole30 compliant.

Blondie Brittle

Brownie Brittle arguably revolutionized the sweet snack category with its original thin, premium chocolate treat, a chocolate indulgence that you can feel good about at only 120 calories per one-oz. serving. There’s a Brownie Brittle for everyone with delicious new flavor offerings and now gluten-free and organic options. Just in time for the Summer Fancy Food Show, the brand unveiled Blondie Brittle Blondies, which this writer whole-heartedly recommends.

Nugali Chocolates

While 83 percent of Americans enjoy at least one cup of coffee every day, nearly 80 percent do not know where their coffee comes from. According to a recent survey of more than 7,000 U.S. adults conducted by Apex-Brasil (the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency, only 21 percent of respondents correctly identified Brazil as the world’s leading exporter of coffee. As part of its effort to raise awareness of the important role of Brazil in food production and exportation, Apex-Brasil brought 34 Brazilian companies to participate in this year’s Summer Fancy Food Show.

Brazilian chocolates are world-renowned for their quality, creative and sustainable production. Nugali Chocolates — which was on-hand for at the Fancy Foods Show — previously won gold, silver, and bronze medals at the International Chocolate Awards in 2018. Both its milk and dark chocolate varieties were especially enjoyable for this writer.

Lillie’s Q

What started around competition barbeque pits and grew into multiple restaurants is now an international CPG brand and America’s fastest growing brand of premium barbeque sauces. At the Summer Fancy Food Show, Lillie’s Q showcased its newest releases, including a Brisket Pepper and a new Zero Sugar sauce. This remix of Lillie’s Q classic Carolina sauce is keto-friendly.

Its line of Kettle Chips features flavors like Pimento Cheese, Buttermilk & Sweet Onion and Hot Pepper Vinegar, while rubs like Carolina Dirt are a nod to the Carolinas’ flavorful soil. Each sauce captures the nuanced flavors and traditions of specific southern regions, and is one of the few brands to bottle up unsung heroes like Alabama Ivory and Eastern North Carolina. Between the chips and sauces, Lillie’s Q can help you cover a lot of ground when hosting.

O’Dang Hummus Dressings

O’Dang Hummus was created and founded by Jesse Wolfe during Christmas break from the University of Central Florida while recovering from wisdom tooth surgery. During recovery Jesse quickly got tired of eating chicken noodle soup and delicious milkshakes, so he turned to eating hummus by the spoon. The problem was he craved epic buffalo wings, still not able to chew, he searched every local grocery store for a buffalo wing hummus and turned out nothing existed.

Enter O’Dang Hummus Dressing. Whether you are looking for a great marinade, recipe booster, or pizza enhancer, its healthy and flavorful dressings will turn your meal into an experience. They also work well for salads.



MadeGood products are made in a dedicated facility free from the eight common allergens: peanut, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish and shellfish. They contain the nutrients from vegetables, are only 90 calories and contain six grams of sugar. The newest MadeGood flavors are not only allergen-free, yet they are also gluten-free, certified vegan, organic, non-GMO, kosher and contain nutrients from vegetables. MadeGood’s delicious snacks are available in stores all across the country including Whole Foods, CVS and Kroger.

Woken Coffee

Compostable pods don’t necessarily mean compromising when it comes to the taste of your coffee. Woken’s eco-friendly pods contain diverse coffee blends varying in intensity and flavor. Choose from their three delectable flavors of premium espresso to start your morning off right and send less than a dollar a day — each capsule is 67 cents. Those flavors are Lungo (a dark, rich taste), Vanilla (a rich creamy taste with sweet undertones of a vanilla flavor), and Arabica (a fragrant taste, quiets the static to focus on what matters most). Subscriptions are available for Woken Coffee.

METTA Drinks

Need an energy boost after a long day of traveling? Metta is the first truly caffeine-free and all natural alternative to traditional energy drinks. Plus, it tastes good too; Metta’s flavor is berry, ginger, lemon with a hint of schizandra. Metta aims to elevate physical and mental performance and is easy to drink any time of day.

No Sugar Aloud

Created by professional chef Rodolfo Fernandes, No Sugar Aloud manifested when Fernandes changed over to a healthier lifestyle but still craved a good dessert. Seeking something low in both carbs and sugar, which was empty of a bitter fake aftertaste, Fernandes was inspired to create something entirely on his own. In turn, No Sugar Aloud provides an indulgent chocolate dessert with benefits that everybody could eat without any guilt. First up was a Belgian Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter Brownie Mix, and most launched unveiled was a Coconut Yuzu Golden Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache. Its newer OhSome Bread Mix is keto-friendly, vegan, paleo and diabetic-friendly. In turn, No Sugar Aloud products can help keep your diet on-track.


When a former athlete discovered the benefits of tart cherries, he couldn’t quite believe they were true. So, he partnered with a research team at Cornell to study these incredible tart cherries and find out if they really were as beneficial as he thought. After a good bit of testing, research and trial, Cheribundi was born.

The latest from the brand, as showcased at the Summer Fancy Food Show is Cheribundi Hydrate. Hydrate combines the muscle recovery benefits of Cheribundi’s tart cherry juice with the hydrating goodness of coconut water for an amazingly beneficial super fruit drink combination. Expect 40 tart cherries in each eight-oz. serving.


Unlike other flavored milk options, OWYN is the only brand with less than 10 grams of sugar per serving and 80 percent less sugar than other flavored milk offerings. Its flavored milk is slightly sweetened with organic cane sugar combined with Monk Fruit Extract and no sugar alcohols. This vegan and non-dairy flavored milk combines pea, organic pumpkin seed, quinoa, and organic flax oil, also delivering a superfoods greens blend (Kale, Spinach, and Broccoli) and 400mg Omega 3s. And with a chocolate flavoring, it ought to appeal to drinkers of all ages.

Caledonia Spirits

Last month Caledonia Spirits opened a brand-new distillery to the public in Montpelier, Vermont. It’s a really big deal for both the community and state as the new, multi-million dollar distillery ensures that Caledonia Spirits will keep all of its production in-house, leaving each spirit in the skillful hands of its Vermont-based experts. It will also provide residents and tourists, as well as members of Vermont’s agricultural community and growing cocktail scene, an opportunity to sip world-class cocktails while learning about distillation and mixology. It is intended to be an awesome tourist attraction, along with other establishments like Ben & Jerry’s, during times like summer and fall foliage season.

Its Barr Hill Gin, Tom Cat Gin and Barr Hill Vodka are all worth trying, to say the least. The Barr Hill Vodka is our tribute to the area’s hardworking beekeepers. In late summer, Caledonia takes in delivery of hundreds of barrels of pure raw honey. The spirit’s recipe depends on two simple principles: never heating the honey prior to fermentation, and never distilling more than twice. This technique preserves the wild yeast and the rich aromatics of nectar, delivering the floral depth of wildflower fields straight to your glass.

Rekorderlig Cider

Rekorderlig — pronounced “rek-order-lig” — is a Swedish premium hard cider created and imported from Vimmerby, Sweden. Recently it was announced that all seven flavors of Rekorderlig are now vegan. The seven delicious flavors to choose from, you ask? Those are Spiced Hard Apple, Pear, Wild Berries, Strawberry-Lime, Passionfruit, Mango-Raspberry and Hård Äpple. Rekorderlig’s ciders can be poured over ice or served as part of a zesty, fruity cocktail.

Tree Top

If seeking apple sauce in a to-go sort of concept, Tree Top ought to be on your radar. Its clear pouches are ideal whether you are traveling via plane, train, or anywhere in-between. The brand’s pouches are squeezeable, made with fruit, free of added sugar, allergen-free, kosher, and under 50 calories per serving. Tree Top also sells its acclaimed apple sauce in cups and jars.


Founded by former Wall Street bond trader turned beekeeper Jay Moskowitz, Bimble is a Broad Spectrum THC-Free CBD drink meticulously formulated with quality ingredients that help you relax. A sparkling beverage with 25mg of full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD made with grapefruit and raw honey, Bimble is expanding its retail availability throughout the country. It is now available at locations throughout the Tri-State area, including boutique destinations like Mamacha and The Goods Mart and major retailers like Westside Market and ShopRite, beyond drinkbimble.com.

Honest Tea

Honest’s line of just-a-tad sweet beverages are perfect for everyone to enjoy during any summer activity this season. Whether you’re stocking up the sidelines of a little league soccer game, keeping cool during a picnic in the park, or want a refreshing beverage for that long road trip, Honest has something to satisfy every taste bud. Those popular organic flavors available include Golden Turmeric Pineapple, Moroccan Mint Green Tea, and Peach Tea. The brand also has a pouch-based kids line, in addition to bottled lemonades and sweetened teas.

Made By True

Made By True are crafters and curators of clean, exotic and ethical meaty snacks from the highest protein butcher cuts. The Made By True line includes beef and turkey jerky in six globally-inspired flavors, Trail Re-Mixes with optimal ratios of good carbs, fats and proteins, and Biltong; for those unaware, Biltong is a South African style air-dried meat snack. With a third-generation rancher as a co-founder, Made By True sources 100 percent of its meats from conscientious producers in California, Colorado and North Carolina. Made By True has distribution in over 2,500 other locations, including Sprouts Farmers Market, Safeway-Albertsons, Cost Plus World Market and Peet’s Coffee, beyond Amazon, the company’s website, and at its flagship store in San Francisco.

Eat Your Coffee

Eat Your Coffee is a delicious line of caffeinated snack bars made with real ingredients like dates, oats, and nut butter. Even better? Each bar contains a full cup of coffee — 80mg of caffeine per bar — from organic, fair-trade coffee. In turn, you can grab a bar flavored a la Fudgy Mocha Latte, Salted Caramel Macchiato, and/or Peanut Butter Mocha and enjoy your daily caffeine kick in a whole new way. Eat Your Coffee’s bars are also ethically-sourced and contain under 200 calories.

Bonterra Organic Vineyards

Bonterra Organic Vineyards’ latest offerings, as unveiled in May, are three canned varieties of its award-winning wine. Available in four-packs, these cans make it so that you no longer have to open a full bottle if you only wanted a glass. Its Bonterra 2017 Sauvignon Blanc exudes flavors of grapefruit, lime zest and grass. The Bonterra 2018 Young Red is ruby-hued and meant to be consumed chilled, carrying a light flavor profile of raspberries, watermelon and pomegranate and aromas of red roses, fresh fig, red berries, and orange peel. Meanwhile, the Bonterra 2018 Rosé celebrates the fresh, lively spirit of organic viticulture with aromas of strawberry, key lime, rosewater and hints of pineapple. Yet even more greatness from Bonterra.

Deep Indian Kitchen

What began in 1977 as a catering company based in Bhagwati Amin’s suburban New Jersey home has blossomed into her making and selling Indian snacks to neighbors out of her garage. That garage operation became Deep Foods, an Indian food giant run by Bhagwati’s son Deepak with two family-owned plants in the U.S., two in India and 4,800 employees globally.

New from Deep Foods is its frozen food line, formerly known as Tandoor Chef, as debuting this summer with a new name (Deep Indian Kitchen), a new logo and revamped packaging. Its Chicken Tikka Masala is my favorite from Deep Indian Kitchen, with the Potato & Pea Samosas being a close second. Finally some ready-to-heat Indian food done right!

Blackened Whiskey

Blackened Whiskey is a premium American whiskey blend crafted by the late Master Distiller Dave Pickerell and legendary band Metallica. Need more be said when a top-tier distiller collaborates with a top-tier rock band? Ideal for both personal consumption and gift-giving, to say the least.

Martini Rossi

Unlike its semi-sweet counterparts, Martini & Rossi Sparkling Rosé is drier-than-ever and ready for dining al fresco this summer. The popular pink drink illustrates the finesse of classic Italian winemaking, with crisp bubbles, elegant infusion of fresh berries and a touch of black pepper. You can serve guests a well-chilled glass of this rose-tinted bubbly alongside lobster rolls, grilled chicken or simply on its own at your next summer soiree. Interestingly, it is also available in a shareable mini 4-pack.

Novo Fogo

Novo Fogo is an exceptional, award-winning Brazilian cachaça producer that handcrafts their spirits at their zero-waste distillery at the edge of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil’s southern state of Paraná. The purest representation of USDA-certified 100% organic sugarcane, Novo Fogo’s Silver Cachaça is the result of single pot distillation in small batches to maximize the flavors of local terroir in the finished spirit.

Last month, Novo Fogo Cachaça announced that they have completely rebranded, repackaged, and refined their popular line of Sparkling Caipirinhas, which now includes two new flavors: Passion Fruit-Lime and Mango-Lime. Those flavors join Original Lime to complete the trio of canned cocktails. And yes, Novo Fogo’s canned offerings can be served straight from the chilled can, over ice in a glass, and with or without a slice of lime alike.


Sundaily is a new ingestible skincare company that is working to revolutionize the concept of healthy skin from the inside out. Launched on Goop.com, Sundaily gummies are created to promote healthy #skinfromwithin. The Base Layer is your daily skin health defender containing clinically-tested Polypodium leucotomos extract (PLE), a powerful antioxidant to help resist free radical damage, and the world’s only vegan vitamin D3, to support the maintenance of healthy skin and combat environmental stressors.

From Day 1, this gummy helps boost your skin’s natural ability to fight free radical damage and resist the effects of UV light, smog, and stress on your skin. And arguably, the best part, is that it comes in the form of a vegan, non-GMO gummy that has a delicious Valencia Orange flavor, making it fun and something you want to eat every day.


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