How to Host a Breed Reveal Party

With all the hype around gender reveal parties, and the continued discussion around why they are problematic, I decided to take the idea, apply it to my two fur babies, and adjust it so that it went towards a good cause. Brezel and Schnitzel were rescued from Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles and any information about their previous lives was limited. My husband, Scott, and I decided to host a “Breed Reveal” party in honor of them, and collect donations for Westside German Shepherd Rescue of Los Angeles. Our attendees had lots of fun, and the results were a shock, to say the least! Here are some tips to host a successful Breed Reveal Party:

Before The Party

Test Your Dog’s DNA

Prior to the party, we purchased Embark Dog DNA Test. While there are a variety of tests on the market, we felt this was the best for our dogs. Since they were fully grown at the time of rescue, the health screening aspect of Embark’s product made it the best choice for us. We swabbed the dog’s cheeks and sent the samples in. Within weeks, we received an alert the results were ready. Since Scott and I wanted to take part in the guessing fun, we decided to not look at the breed results. We asked our trusted friend, Alexandra, to hold the results and help us organize the logistics for the guessing portion of the party. 

The health screening was incredibly useful. While Brezel has no mutations in her genes, we discovered Schnitzel had a gene mutation that made potentially sensitive to certain anesthetics. This was a relief to find out, and we took comfort in knowing we could let our Vet know so they could be careful with his medical care. 

Create a Survey

Results were in, and we needed an easy way to have people submit their guesses. We decided to use a Google Form so that even those that could not attend the party could participate. We encouraged participation by announcing a prize- winners would be hosted to  all-expenses paid brunch with Brezel and Schnitzel. 


During the Party

Play Some Games

We opened our party by playing a fun game. Inspired by The Office, I created dog-themed stickers. Players were randomly given a sticker on their back, and were not able to look at it. Their objective was to be the first player to figure out what person/place/thing was on their sticker. They could ask three “yes” or “no” questions to each person they spoke to. The winner won a special prize. 

Create a Slideshow

To help attendees guess, we created a slideshow with different traits of the dogs that we thought might hint to their breeds. 


Share Results 

Once all guesses were submitted, Alexandra compiled the data and quickly created a results slideshow. Since she was the only one aware of the results, it helped create the surprise and excitement. 


Congrats to Dan and Connie for winning a Pooping Pooches calendar and brunch with Brezel and Schnitzel! 

Have Fun, and Consider Giving Back! 

Some additional details of our party included Scott and I wearing custom made shirts with Brezel’s and Schnitzel’s faces on them, giving attendees “Team Brezel” and “Team Schnitzel” stickers to wear, and serving dog themed food (hot dogs, puppy chow, etc!).  We recognized that we would not have the love of our two dogs without the tremendous efforts of the rescue and raised over $450 in donations for Westside German Shepherd Rescue.





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