20 new food and drink brands to add to your kitchen

0Whether you are hosting a gathering at home, celebrating New Year’s, partaking in an NFL Sunday or attending a holiday party, it pays to have an equipped kitchen and pantry. However, it is not always easy to keep up with the latest and greatest brands out there on the market.

As a frequent reader of industry trades, a prolific interviewer of brand ambassadors and a follower of key developments within the world of alcohol, I regularly take note of new products. Below are 20 recommended brands to consider adding to your kitchen.


Mikey’s is the creator of delicious, gluten/grain-free baked goods that are made with clean ingredients. The brand recently came out with a tortilla that’s finally big enough for a burrito. These better-for-you tortillas have you covered with your favorite Mexican dishes, from burritos, to lunch-time fajitas, and of course, the perfect quesadilla.

Quantum Energy Squares

Quantum Energy Squares is a new type of plant-based energy bar, as created to provide natural, long-lasting energy without the sugar or caffeine crash often associated with other popular energy drinks and bars. IRONMAN recently announced these bars as the Official Energy Bar of the IRONMAN World Championship. The “magic” of Quantum is its form of the combination of organic green (unroasted) coffee combined with nourishing macronutrients which slow the absorption of natural caffeine (equal to one espresso shot), giving athletes the fuel to power through the day with a long-lasting no-crash boost of energy.

Amore Ready-To-Eat Organic Legumes

Amore is a leading brand of authentic Italian-imported ingredients. Recent the brand expanded into American grocery stores with the introduction of its Ready-To-Eat Organic Legumes. Available in three varieties — Cannellini Beans, Borlotti Beans and Garbanzo Beans — all three are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, fiber-rich and kosher. These 100% planet-based, single-ingredient products are ideal as a meat replacement or as a delicious source of vegetarian protein. Great whether added into hot and cold dishes, soups, stews, as a salad topping, or straight from the pouch.


H2rOse is a rose water and saffron infused beverage designed for health-conscious people on the go, that want their beverage not only to be healthy but to also fit their lifestyle. Vegan-compliant, if you don’t like the taste of plain water, drinking H2rOse may be the next best option. Made with real rose water, it not only hydrates you but also provides multiple health benefits. At only 40 calories per bottle, H2rOse is an ideal beverage for a balanced lifestyle without compromising on flavor.


Started by a former Marc Jacobs branding exec, Minna is an organic, lightly-brewed sparkling tea with zero sugar, no added sweeteners, and only organic and non-GMO ingredients. Available in three delicious flavors — Tropical Green Tea, Citrus Black Tea and Lime Hibiscus Tea — Minna is a fun, feel-good beverage to enjoy on the beach, at the office, or on the go. As an added bonus, Minna donates 1% of its sales to non-profit organizations which openly-advocate for inclusion.

White Leaf Provisions

The husband and wife team of Keith and Meghan Rowe created White Leaf Provisions taking on the sugary problems of today’s baby food. With the belief that healthy soil equates to healthy food, White Leaf is a family-run business which brings the first 100% U.S. regeneratively-grown and manufactured biodynamic, organic and GMO-free baby food to retail in the U.S. Their farmers follow a truly organic approach to farming, promoting biodiversity and letting mother nature take the lead in every aspect of their fruits life. Most importantly, the food is formulated with a child’s palate and nutritional needs in mind.

Enlightened Ice Cream

Enlightened is both a pioneer and one of the fastest-growing brands in the ice cream category. Back in August, Enlightened’s Keto Collection became the lowest net-carb ice cream on the market. Like Enlightened’s original pint and bar flavors, the Keto Collection is sweetened with monk fruit and erythritol, two zero-calorie natural sweeteners that won’t spike blood sugar, an important element for a keto product. Enlightened’s Keto Collection pint flavors include: Butter Pecan, Chocolate Glazed Donut, Coffee & Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Fudge and Red Velvet. Its bar flavors include: Dark Chocolate, Marshmallow Peanut Butter, Mint Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. Personally, Mint Chocolate Chunk is my favorite of the flavors.


PROBAR is known for its plant-based nutrition, as “born and raised in the mountains of Utah.” Its products are not only organic but also gluten-free, kosher and Non-GMO. The company — which is a partner of U.S. Ski & Snowboard — recently unveiled a “fresh new look.” But graphic design aside, expect nutritious and delicious bars. My favorite of the PROBAR products is the Cookie Dough Protein Bar, and let’s face it, sometimes an accessible-anytime snack can be the gift that keeps on giving.

Atlas Protein

After years of researching nutrition and exercise for the formula to unleash the limitless potential of the human body, Atlas Bar founder and CEO James Oliver came to the conclusion that the healthiest diets minimize sugar, include quality sources of protein, and maximize clean real foods. In turn, Atlas Bar sources only 100% grass-fed whey protein. Furthermore, Atlas’ protein bars are free of GMOs, artificial sweeteners, soy, gluten and preservatives. Powered by adaptogens, they aim to fight fatigue, burn fat, build muscle and boost endurance.Customers can build their own 30-count Value Packs — and I recommend you include the Vanilla Almond Chai, Chocolate Cacao and Mint Chocolate Chips bars within your next big order of Atlas Protein products.

Belle Chevre Cheese

Belle Chevre has been handcrafting traditional and original goat cheeses since 1989, combining time-honored European cheesemaking techniques with an innovative approach. Belle Chevre’s artisan chevre and cream cheeses are mild yet distinct in taste and texture, reflecting the care with which they are made for the contemporary cheese lover. Belle Chevre now offers a line of chevre cream cheese, touted as “the better cream cheese,” with 2.5X more protein and less fat than regular cream cheese. It is arguably just as creamy, tasty, and spreadable as the leading cream cheese brand.

Kinsho Kitchen

Kinsho Kitchen makes fun lunchware for tasty treats. With its new Lunch Tote, you can easily pack a beautiful meal with an appealing presentation. Its new bento boxes also add health into the equation, perfectly-portioning meals for diners of all ages. Kinsho’s products are made of eco-friendly plastic, while its bento boxes are BPA-free and provide double-walled, air core insulation.

CompletEats Plant-Based Cookies

CompleteEats makes clean and indulgent cookies which aim to fuel you pre or post-workout. Made with plant-based superfoods to make clean eating simple on-the-go, each CompletEats cookie has 7 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber and no trans fats. The delicious cookies are a great to take on-the-go on your next adventure, a sweet treat after a meal, or even as a meal replacement for breakfast. Naturally gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO and full of prebiotic fiber, the cookies include only California-sourced ingredients. CompletEats are available in three decadent flavors: Cherry Almond, Mocha Chip and Chocolate Chia.

Chocolate Pizza

Seeking a delicious pumpkin spice-flavored snack in time for Halloween 2019? Then look no further than Pumpkin Spice & Everything Nice by the Chocolate Pizza company. Pumpkin Spice is an autumn twist on the company’s famous Drumstick Chocolate Pizza. What could be better than gourmet milk or dark chocolate blended with homemade English toffee, topped with pecans, cashews, walnuts, pretzels, and a special pumpkin caramel spice candy that adds a uniquely fall flavor? Finished with a splash of Himalayan sea salt, the Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Pizza is perfect for any autumn celebration. And that is just one of the amazing offerings from the Chocolate Pizza brand.

Kip’s Granola Bark

Baked with integrity and packed with goodness, Kip’s Granola Bark is a versatile allergen-free and tasty snack that can be enjoyed anywhere. The bark can be tucked into your desk drawer or backpack for a quick snack on-the go. The Granola Bark comes in two mouthwatering flavors, Cinnamon Crunch and Cocoa Crunch, and can be topped with your favorite seed butter or dipped into chocolate. Or you can enjoy it crumbled over ice cream and yogurt. Or by adding into a salad for a satisfying, tasty crunch. Taste aside, Kip’s is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and offers a great source of fiber from flaxseeds and gluten-free oats. This bark is also certified gluten-free, vegan and kosher.

Difference Coffee Company

Recently involved with both National Coffee Day on September 29th and World Coffee Day on October 1st, the Difference Coffee Company aims to select the finest beans on the planet and then expertly roast them. In turn, the Difference Coffee Company’s varieties can be found in 30 Michelin-starred restaurants and 24 luxury hotels around the world, including the Four Seasons, The Dorchester and The Ritz. This exclusive, limited supply brand has even been sampled to the delight of world-renowned chefs such as Guy Savoy, Alain Passard and Anne-Sophie Pic. You now have the opportunity to experience this balance of fruitiness and acidity — along with intense and unique flavors — of the brand right at home. Coffees which until now have been available to only the best chefs in the world are being offered exclusively to Nespresso machine owners through a dedicated online, no-fee club. Pod varieties include Panama Geisha, Hawaii Kona Champion and Jamaica Blue Mountain.

LIDL & Its Fall Flavors

With over 10,000 stores across Europe and the United States, LIDL was founded in 1930 by Dieter Schwarz. A place to get upscale food and other household necessities, Lidl announced further expansion into the U.S. market last year with the the acquisition of 27 Best Market stores. Now that “pumpkin spice latte” season is in full effect, more pumpkin spice foods are hitting shelves, including those from LIDL. Among the incredible new offerings from the grocery king: Pumpkin Bratwurst, Pumpkin Spice Almonds, Pumpkin Pie Gelato, Pumpkin Spice Sweet Potato Popped Chips, and Autumn Harvest Kombucha.

Re:THINK Ice Cream

Re:THINK Ice Cream is the first-ever real, superfood-rich ice cream that ought to fit into your healthy lifestyle. Recently the brand launched its new Strawberry Chia Seed and Black Cherry Vanilla flavor, and even more recently the brand announced its newest flavor: velvety, rich Chocolate Orange with Almond Butter reminiscent of the holiday season. Made with all-natural ingredients, Re:THINK has 2/3 less sugar and carbs of regular ice cream and 1/2 of the calories than your regular ice cream. And unlike “nice” creams, it’s made from real milk and cream and only sweetened with a touch of organic agave; it contains no cane sugar, sugar alcohol or other artificial sugars. I simultaneously recommend it for its taste, its high-quality standards and also from a health perspective.


Kafina was created to be a revolutionary organic energy elixir unlike anything you have ever tried before. For the power of pure herbal energy, Kafina supports extraordinary physical energy, mental stamina, and uplifted mood with zero chemicals or crash. Kafina’s “shamanically-derived formula” contains only five simple, organic ingredients: fair-trade coffee, schisandra berries, fenugreek seeds, and cardamom. Those ingredients are brewed in small batches and lightly sweetened with Vermont maple syrup — that’s it! Absolutely light enough to serve your pre-workout (or post-workout) drink needs.

Better Booch Kombucha

Simply put: Better Booch is a 100% tea-based kombucha. As of last month, the brand began shipping nationally, offering its wares via Amazon at $47.99 for a 12-pack with free shipping. Better Booch’s founders Ashleigh and Trey Lockerbie — former touring musicians with the links of Lady Antebellum and Rihanna — want to set the record straight about what makes a kombucha truly good for you. Crafted in the #1 kombucha market in the country, Los Angeles, Better Booch contains NO juices, powders, chemicals, or concentrates. Their proprietary process also ensures there is zero alcohol in their brew. Better Booch reportedly also has the lowest sugar content within the kombucha market with only 5 grams and is simultaneously vegan, kosher, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Forno De Minas’ Pão De Queijo

Giving up bread tends to be one of the things that people have the hardest time with when going gluten-free. But now, with Forno De Minas’ Pão De Queijo, everyday people don’t have to give up bread when going gluten-free. Forno De Minas’ Pão De Queijo product is all-natural, while also allergen-friendly, yeast-free and gluten-free. They are pre-baked and require only a five-minute prep in your oven. These Brazilian cheese rolls — as based upon a homemade, family recipe — can be eaten on its own, as a side, and can even integrated into different recipe options. A great way to enjoy cheese without the guilt.


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