The Next Stage of the Cannabis Revolution on Display at the First-Ever CBD Saturday Market

Since recreational legalization in 2016, Los Angeles feels like it has been at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis space. By now, dispensaries, delivery services, and billboards advertising these products are as commonplace in L.A. as avocado toast and traffic. But the next stage in this journey is clearly around CBD, or cannabinoids, which are a group of closely related compounds that act on the cannabinoid receptors in the body and have been found to provide a variety of health benefits without the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Chances are that you have already started to see CBD being marketed in a variety of forms, from skincare to fitness supplements. But for the first time ever, all of the many providers of CBD came together for the CBD Saturday Market at the massive Academy LA facility.


This was the world’s first farmer’s market dedicated solely to CBD. It celebrated the lifestyle, community, and culture of CBD with over 20 of the top brands in the industry, and included live entertainment, CBD massages, infused bites and cocktails, yoga, pop-up shops, and an educational Blunt Talks panel featuring leading experts and more.

Just walking through the market, one could feel the energy and passion around CBD as a product with outstanding potential to benefit both the mind and the body. The entrance was a beautiful outdoor space, where you first encountered the food and drink vendors, including Hakuna Hemp Roast, Buddha Teas, and the Rice Guys, all serving products infused with CBD. Across from these delicious booths was the impressive Lowell Herb Co. station, a company that already produces high-quality THC flower, and that has now perfected a CBD equivalent. Participants could try out an already made pre-roll in the outside garden, or even roll their own using Lowell’s gorgeous kit, which is also available for sale.

Inside the market, participants were greeted by an incredible number of booths and brands, as well as a bar featuring delicious non-alcoholic cocktails infused by Halsa Botanicals, like the refreshing Vanilla CBD Soda. Nonnie’s Nectars, situated close to the bar, featured extra strength salves and tinctures designed to treat pain, soreness and anxiety using “Whole Plant CBD”, where the cannabinoids are kept with the terpenes and essential fatty acids found in the hemp plate rather than separated from them to take advantage of the synergy of these substances (called the “entourage effect”).

Down the row was Elexicure, with a full line of products specifically designed to support athletes and fitness fanatics. Across the way was Weedabomb, with designer products named after luxury brands, including their Epiphany and Co. vapes. And next to them was Sojihealth, with a relentless focus on the science of CBD, including using their Nanomolecular technology developed by credentialed experts that increases absorption and dosage of accuracy.

Of course, this was only a small sampling of the vast offerings available at the first-ever CBD Saturday Market. The number of brands on display and the excitement around CBD was truly amazing, and was clear evidence that, for Los Angeles, 2020 clearly is the year of CBD!



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