Make this summer a return to a “new” normal with Pamos and Trejos Tacos!

From summers past, most of us are familiar with the perfect pairing of a tropical cocktail and fresh carne asada tacos in the sun. As the season turns, the days grow longer, and life seems to be regaining a bit of sanity, why not create a “new” normal with Pamos cannabis-infused spirit Pamos?

Pamos is a California-born, non-alcoholic cannabis spirit made with THC, CBD, and plant terpenes that provides a light buzz without the hangover the next day. It’s infused with citrus, sweet fruit, and aromatic herbs & spices, and has a smooth flavor that can be enjoyed on the rocks or in a variety of cocktails. It’s available in two strengths (microdose or low dose), comes in a 750ml bottle, and its strength is measured by the shot so it can be experienced in whatever way makes sense for each person.

We enjoyed it as part of the Cantarito cocktail in a beautiful clay jay. You can find the recipe along with other ideas on their website here. The Pamos Cantarito was actually a collaboration with Trejos Tacos. The spirit gives off immediate notes of bitters and mandarin, and as it mellows has a smooth black currant flavor. We mixed it with lime juice, honey, and the Hazy Sunrise (a combination of orange juice, grapefruit juice, and pineapple juice). We rimmed the jar with a spicy Tajin season, poured the cocktail in over ice, and topped with Topo Chico. The result was a bright, smooth, and refreshing drink that paired beautifully with a warm afternoon- and as promised did not give us a hangover the next day!

We enjoyed it with a meal kit from Trejos Tacos that featured young jackfruit tacos, market beans, Spanish rice, elote, chips and guacamole. It was our first time trying jackfruit tacos, and we were pleasantly surprised at how similar the texture and flavor was to our usual asada tacos. It was a great, lighter alternative that left us feeling satisfied and not overly full. The corn tortillas were fresh and tasty, as was the guacamole. The real standout from the sides was the elote, with a delicious mixture of cotija cheese and mayonnaise. And the red and green salsas had a terrific spice level and unique bitterness that paired beautifully with the jackfruit tacos.

As previously mentioned, Pamos is available in two strengths — Micro Dose (which features 2mg of THC & 2mg of CBD per serving and costs $60) or Low Dose (which features 6mg of THC & 2mg of CBD per serving and costs $65). We tried the low dose and found it to give a nice mild buzz not long after drinking. Also, it is only 10 calories per serving and very low in sugar!

Pamos is available at for Los Angeles deliveries and at dispensaries in the area. They’ve promised to share news soon as the delivery ranges/retail locations expand.

Let this summer be a chance to try something different from the usual boozy drinks- opt for a hangover-free buzz with Pamos!


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