9 Sustainable Restaurants and Eateries in LA

California has an outstanding reputation for healthy food. With the sunny climate, you never have to look far for the freshest in seasonal fare. 

What if you also care about your food’s carbon footprint? Here are nine of the most sustainable restaurants and eateries in L.A. — book your table today!

1. Firefly 

Firefly features elegant dining and an unbeatable ambiance. You’ll typically find them open for dinner service only, although they do host the occasional holiday brunch, like their upcoming Father’s Day special. 

Get your daily dose of healthy omega-3 fatty acids when you order the diver scallops. Seafood harvesting produces far fewer carbon emissions than land-based farming when it comes to meat. 

2. Cafe Gratitude 

Better yet, opt for a plant-based meal to reduce carbon emissions. Meat production accounts for nearly 15% of total greenhouse gas emissions. 

Cafe Gratitude features a plant-based menu for the vegan crowd or those who want to eat more sustainably. They also source their produce locally, saving more carbon emissions. 

3. Bar Nine 

Bar Nine seeks to push coffee forward with their emphasis on sustainability and transparency in all they do. They use biodegradable and compostable packaging to hold their products. 

Their beans will delight you. They compete at the National Barista Championship and have won 95 multiple-point reviews on Coffee Review. 

4. Forage 

Do you want to know that your food was humanely treated? If so, head to Forage, where they’ll ensure you know where your steak called home before ending up on your plate. 

This farm-to-table restaurant will delight you with its fresh fare. Their ingredients come from local farms, decreasing shipping emissions. 

5. Locali 

If you feed your family vegan fare, head to Locali for an incredible Reuben sandwich that’s also cruelty-free. They also offer a non-vegan version for the diehard carnivores in your circle. 

What sets their many sandwiches apart are their sauces. Try the chipotle aioli, which has a mild maple flavor. 

6. Gracias Madre 

You’ll find some of the best Mexican fare this side of the border at Gracias Madre. Best of all, you can feel good about what ends up on your plate regarding its impact on the planet. 

This eatery offers a variety of plant-based options, a relative rarity with this type of cuisine. Chef Alan Sanz focuses on sourcing sustainable and local ingredients, minimizing the need for excess emissions during transport. 

7. SunCafe Organic

SunCafe features rustic cuisine that nurtures both your health and the planet. Their menu is 100% dairy-free, and they make their substitute cheeses, mayo and butter from scratch. 

Do you want to learn how to replicate their delicious and cruelty-free eats at home? You can sign up for one of their cooking classes that also remain gluten and usually soy-free. 

8. Akasha 

Akasha believes so strongly in environmental stewardship that they performed their building renovations with sustainability in mind. They lovingly restored the original materials, exuding a lively and inviting atmosphere that combines old and new. 

This eatery features both lunch and dinner service and a wide take-out menu. Make your reservations to enjoy patio dining for the upcoming Father’s Day holiday. 

9. Plant Food and Wine 

Although it may be vegetarian, most chocolate doesn’t qualify as vegan due to its dairy content. However, you can get a custom artisanal box to delight your loved one at Plant Food and Wine. 

They have several retail stores and restaurants, all featuring plant-based products. They also train young chefs in the magic of cruelty-free meal creation through their Food Future Institute. 

Dine at These 9 Sustainable Restaurants and Eateries in LA 

California features no shortage of healthy, planet-friendly lunch and dinner spots. Make your reservation for one of these nine sustainable restaurants and eateries in L.A. today. 


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