5 Tips for Traveling Safely in the LA Area as Society Reopens

You might be chomping at the bit for a return to normalcy — but you might also have valid reasons to hesitate. For as much as many people act as if the pandemic is over, some risks do remain, especially for people with certain medical conditions. You’re wise to take precautions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get out and enjoy some aspects of pre-COVID life again. Here are five tips for traveling safely in the LA area as society reopens. 

1. Understand Your Unique Risks 

Please don’t let people bully you into taking risks that you aren’t comfortable taking, claiming that the worst of the danger has passed. Perhaps that’s true for them if they are fully vaccinated. However, if you take immunosuppressive drugs to control a condition like Crohn’s disease, you might have a limited response to vaccination — meaning your risk remains high. 

It’s also crucial to understand that vaccines prevent you from getting seriously ill. You might still feel yucky if exposed, especially if you have other health conditions. For example, people with asthma might suffer increased irritation, even if they aren’t severe enough to land them in the hospital. 

Your best source of information on what activities are safe for your unique situation is your doctor. Please book an appointment and have the conversation. 

2. Start Small 

Who said that a crowded indoor concert had to be your first reentry into society after COVID-19? If you aren’t comfortable with large groups or enclosed venues, start with smaller, outdoor gatherings. 

Fortunately, you’ll find no shortage of outdoor shopping venues in the City of Angels. Go early to beat the crowds and enjoy strolling the Third Street Promenade once again. 

3. Limit Your Exposure

The longer you expose yourself to potential pathogens, the greater the likelihood you will get sick. While this method isn’t foolproof — it only takes one germ, after all — going for short jaunts could help you rebuild your comfort level. 

If you are leery about heading to Venice Beach, consider making a short visit to scope the scene. You can also seek out less well-known outdoor venues to escape the hordes anxious for fun in the sun at long last. 

4. Keep Up With Hygiene 

Hand-washing helps reduce your chances of any infectious disease, not only the novel coronavirus. Please continue to lather up while singing “Happy Birthday” when you come in from a public place or after touching something that might be contaminated. 

When you don’t have a sink handy, carry hand sanitizer. Please make sure you rub it in until it dries for maximum disinfection. 

5. Phone Ahead and Bring a Mask 

Although states have now reversed mask requirements in most places, individual businesses can set whatever rules they like. If you prefer to frequent establishments that keep their staff covered, please call ahead to inquire. 

Furthermore, nothing stops you from continuing to wear a mask if you like. Cases of the common cold and flu plummeted during COVID-19 due to increased hygiene measures. If getting sick makes you flare, why not continue to take extra precautions? 

Travel Safely in the LA Area as Society Reopens 

There are many completely valid reasons to be hesitant about society’s reopening. When you decide to travel, do so safely in the LA area with a few simple tips!


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