Find a New Source of Wonder at the Flagship Wonderbrett Dispensary

In addition to the general delights of enjoying cannabis since its legalization five years ago, it’s always wonderful to see brands make a name for themselves in the community and to see the innovative ways that business owners make products available to consumers through more and more extraordinary dispensaries. All three of these sources of awe come together in WONDERBRETT’s extraordinary new flagship dispensary, located at 314 N. La Brea Avenue. 

Wonderbrett, founded by world-renowned cannabis cultivators Brett Feldman and Cameron Damwijk, is already well-known for their decades of finely curated cannabis genetics and breeding (as seen in Mashableand Flaunt). All of their flower is grown indoors at a state-of-the-art cultivation facility in the heart of Long Beach, California.  

Their expansion from celebrated cultivators to cutting-edge retailers comes as they are among the 200 companies awarded a Social Equity Retail License in 2018 by LA County, and now one of the 18 who’ve made it to grand opening. 

The celebration of this long-awaited opening was a testament to the fame they have already built up in the community- with a ribbon ceremony officiated by the LA County Chamber of Commerce and an after-party attended by a list of celebrities ranging from Justin Bieber to Snoop Dogg. 

The location itself, co-owned and designed by Los Angeles nightlife visionaries David Judaken and Mark Tung, is remarkable inside and out- a bold statement to how far cannabis culture has come and the community that has been built around it. Renowned for strains infused with fruits and signified by colors, the location projects this palette back to the community on its exterior facing La Brea Avenue, which was lit with a bold blue on the night of the opening. Inside, it boasts oak beams, skylights, a dedicated “Instagram Wall”—meant for shareable photos—and LED screen wall installations. Both the Wonderbrett-branded products and the other premium brands featured have dedicated, organized spaces- with key facts such as price, dosage, and strains or flavors clearly noted.

And those products reflect the quality that consumers have come to expect from this celebrated brand. The PinK Picasso, packaged in a bright pink container, was light and slightly citrusy when enjoyed from a Pax vaporizer. The Orange Banana and OZ Kush pre-rolls, were, without a doubt, the best we’ve ever sampled- both had unique flavors and none of the usual harshness we experience from burning flower. The edibles from Wonderbrett- we sampled the Pineapple OG and Strawberry Bliss- are less well-known, but that won’t be the case for long- they are delicious, made from 100% real fruit imported from France, without any artificial ingredients or preservatives. And the selection of other brands is truly remarkable- the Artet cannabis-infused Tet and Tonic was a refreshing take on the classic cocktail, smooth without dank off-flavors. 

A visit to Wonderbrett’s new dispensary is an experience in and of itself, that highlights how far the cannabis community has come. Add to that an impressive selection of Wonderbrett and other premium cannabis brands, and you see why every connoisseur should pay a visit to this wonder of L.A.!


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