10 Places to Go with Your Dog in Los Angeles

Dog lovers in LA, rejoice! There are many options to spend a day out with your dog. Here are 10 pup-friendly places in Los Angeles that are fun for humans too.

Rosie’s Dog Beach

This beautiful stretch of sand allows your dog to enjoy some time off the leash, as long as you remain in the permitted area. Your dogs have plenty of space to run, play a game of fetch, dig holes in the sand or even if they’re brave enough, go for a quick swim in the ocean.

“It is human friendly too with good parking and bathrooms easily available,” recommends travel writer Janice Sheriff, State of writing and Paper Fellows.

Sepulveda Basin Off-Leash Dog Park

Let your dogs run free in three areas separated by chain-linked fencing for small dogs, large dogs, and timid dogs so you can be sure your pup is catered for. Each section has its own agility course so more active dogs have a great place to burn off some energy. It can get pretty packed and with only a dedicated parking lot and no street parking, it’s best to avoid during peak hours.

Fletcher “Fetch” Dog Park

This relatively secluded park provides separate areas for big and small dogs with their own agility equipment. This is a good place for your active pups that provides benches for humans to rest if needed. It’s best to keep your dog on a leash here as there is a freeway and train tracks nearby as well as a children’s playground.

Lake Hollywood Park

Get a good view of the infamous Hollywood sign up close without the long hike. This pet-friendly space has a large open grassy area perfect for a picnic or a spot of fetch. If you’re feeling a bit more active yourself, you can trek uphill a hit for more stunning views of the LA area. Parking is on the street on a hill, so be warned.

Cherry Canyon Park

This beautiful hiking spot with many trails is located in the San Rafael Hills. The paths are a bit dusty and it is used for horses and mountain bikers so keep your pup on a leash as much as you can. There are also some more peaceful shaded trails available.

Hahamongna Watershed Park

This place gives you a slice of wilderness life within the city. There’s plenty of space to walk your dogs and play some games of fetch as well as numerous facilities like picnic areas and restrooms.

Runyon Canyon Park

Hike this popular dog-friendly trail amongst other dog lovers and dog walkers in the area right in the middle of the city.

“Be warned that street parking is limited and there are no bathrooms, so this is a good place for walking but not spending a full day,” says Rosemary Nunnery a pet blogger for Boom essays and Essay help.

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area

If you’ve ever wanted to climb rock formations without too much of a trek, Vasquez Rocks is ideal. There are trails that don’t involve rock climbing but this spot provides a unique getaway for you and your pup.

The Grove/Farmer’s Market

This famous spot frequented by locals offers a wide variety of restaurants and stores that are pet-friendly so you can enjoy a meal and some shopping with your furry friend. Don’t leave your dog behind when you can bring Fido to shop this outdoor mall where pop-up stores are also relatively common so there may be something new each time you visit.

Healthy Spot

Made famous by YouTube stars like Jenna Marbles, Healthy Spot is a fantastic pet store that hosts some free social events throughout the year as well as offers you and your dog other valuable services. With drinks and snacks for both you and your pup, this is a brilliant way to meet up with other dog owners in the area and test new treats with your pet. There are multiple locations available so check out their website to find one near you.

Overall, Los Angeles is a dog city. Angelenos treat their dogs like family. But remember, be a responsible dog owner and keep your dog on a leash. Tell us if you have tried one of the spots above. Happy trails.

Project Manager Christina Lee, Literature review help and Paper writing service, writes about marketing news and technologies for Oxessays.com.


One thought on “10 Places to Go with Your Dog in Los Angeles

  1. I have a dog. I love dogs. Designated dog parks are find to let your dogs run about.

    But dogs in our parks need to be on a leash. To protect wildlife. I don’t think this was made clear at all in this article. It’s not just about other dogs, or the danger to hikers and their little kids especially. It’s about the ecosystem. From the cougars to the snakes.

    I believe it’s a state law.

    Please practice responsible journalism. It really is important.

    Topanga resident, Patrice

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