5 Unique Sports You Can Find Locations & Groups for in LA

The Los Angeles metropolitan area has an abundance of recreational activities for its residents to enjoy. Whether you just moved here or have lived in the city for years, you can always find something new to try. Expand your athletic horizons and give these five sports a try, if you’re up to the challenge!

  1. Curling

We usually don’t think of winter sports in Los Angeles, but curling nonetheless has its own intramural leagues at local ice rinks. Before deciding which league to join, make sure you sign up for a Hollywood Curling membership. This club runs all of the leagues in the area. You can choose from three league formats:

  • Shorts: novice leagues that last three to six weeks. Choose this league if you’re new to curling.
  • Doubles: players pair up to form teams in this 10-week league that accepts all skill levels.
  • Features: these 12-week leagues are technically open for all skill levels, but intermediate to advanced curlers control the scene. You should get some experience under your belt before trying this option.

You can find locations in Pasadena, Valencia and Palos Verdes, but most competitions are held at the Southern California Curling Center (SCCC) in Vernon. Upon choosing a league, you can take an instructional course to understand curling’s rules and learn the basics of ice skating.

  1. Lawn Bowling

Traditionally played by old folks, lawn bowling has risen in popularity among LA’s younger residents. This laid-back sport makes for a great social setting and allows different age groups to hang out with each other. 

The Santa Monica Bowls Club is the most expansive club, with hundreds of years of history and a wide range of events. Members can schedule practice times (as long as they don’t interfere with other members), organize tournaments and host guests from other clubs. You can also find clubs in Beverly Hills, Highland Park and Holmby Park. 

  1. Kickball

Kickball is one of the most popular outdoor intramural sports in the world, and LA is no exception. The ZogSports kickball federation has three separate leagues in Venice and Hollywood. Competition gets intense, but the postgame bar parties after every game lighten the tension. Let’s take a closer look at ZogSports’ league options:

  • Venice: The Venice league has two separate seasons with weeknight and weekend game options to fit all schedules. Registration is $125 for individuals or $82 per player with a roster of 16 people.
  • Hollywood: this league holds its games on Wednesday and has a lighter atmosphere than the Venice league. Registration is $110 for individuals and $73 per player with a roster of 16 people.

Kickball maintains a stable following because it combines baseball and soccer into one sport. However, even if you’ve played both of those sports before, kickball can present you with new challenges. Make sure you prepare your mind and body for the new activity and adjust your exercise routine a bit to avoid injury.

  1. Ultimate Frisbee

This obscure sport has experienced significant growth in the LA area, with many seasonal leagues, clubs, tournaments and pick-up games from Irvine to Santa Clarita. LA OUT is the primary organization that hosts frisbee-based events. You can join one of its seven leagues in the area to play ultimate frisbee, frisbee golf or ultimate frisbee’s pool version.

The annual schedule has evolved into a cycle where beginners can test their skills in the spring leagues and work up to more serious competitions as the year progresses. Now’s your chance to get started at the right time!

  1. Dodgeball

Some of us hated playing dodgeball during gym class and others loved it. Still, the sport remains a popular intramural activity in LA with a wide variety of co-ed leagues that accept all skill and fitness levels:

  • WeHo: this West Hollywood club features blaring rock music, soft-rubber dodgeballs and two skill-based leagues. Registration is $65 for the eight-week season.
  • West LA: if you’re looking for a competitive dodgeball scene, you’ll fit right in at this club. Registration is $80 for eight weeks of intense play.
  • Westchester: this inclusive club accepts recruits of all skill levels and offers open gyms at the start of each season. Registration costs $58 for eight weeks. 

These three clubs are just a few members of Los Angeles’s dodgeball scene. You can find many other co-ed leagues in the area that offer fair registration prices and cool perks like discount gym memberships and afterparties.

Find Your New Hobby

Staying active is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself through boring workouts. Try one of these unique sports at Los Angeles’s many fine establishments instead. You might find your new favorite hobby and meet some new friends in the process!


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