Guide to Planning a Baby Shower in LA

Nailing down the details of a baby shower may seem overwhelming, whether this is the first one you’ve planned or you’ve gotten a bit rusty. Luckily, LA offers plenty of fun options for mommies to be and their friends and family! Things will be smooth sailing in no time with a bit of help — from deciding on a theme to planning fun and inclusive party games. 

Following this checklist will help you create an event that is sure to please the soon-to-be parents and their guests. 

  1. Check in With Mom-to-Be

The most important person at any baby shower is the mom-to-be. Before you get too far envisioning the party, check with her for any preferences. Is she hoping for something small, or should you invite everyone she’s ever known? Does the thought of a bumble bee baby shower make her want to throw up? Has she already added the essentials to a registry you can include in the invites?  

Some moms will have plenty of opinions, and others will want a complete surprise. No matter her preferences, she already has a lot on her mind preparing for a new baby. Get any initial opinions and must-haves, then take the rest of the party into your capable hands.   

  1. Select a Venue and Theme

Budget plays a significant role when deciding where to host a baby shower. The event can be as intimate or extravagant as money allows and the mother-to-be wants. You could host the party at a restaurant or in the home of a loved one. 

With some creativity on your side, you can match any theme to your venue. If you’re struggling to choose a theme, find out if the couple has selected one for their nursery and borrow that. Otherwise, think of the parents’ personalities. Are they fun and quirky? They might enjoy a unique theme like a Mustache Bash for a boy. Other couples might want something more subdued, like a tea party — perhaps you could try the stunning Rose and Blanc Tea Room

  1. Pick a Date and Send Invites

Baby showers are typically held somewhere during the end of the second trimester or the beginning of the third. You want mommy to be showing and glowing, but not so uncomfortable she can’t enjoy herself. Coordinate with the most important guests and the parents-to-be to find an ideal date that works for the majority. 

You should plan to send out invites at least a few weeks in advance so people can add the event to their calendar and get a present in time. It’s now perfectly acceptable to choose either paper or virtual invites. However, if you have many older guests coming, you may want to consider sticking to paper. 

One other consideration is that moms-to-be are often more anxious now than ever before with the current global health crisis. It may go a long way to ease her fears if you have a plan for the event to go virtual or socially distanced if cases are high at the time of the party. In that case, add the “just in case” information to the invitation. You could even plan to have the event at an outdoor venue like Bexx Secret Garden

  1. Plan a Mommy-Friendly Menu

Your job becomes relatively easy for baby showers at a restaurant or party venue. Simply select some delicious choices from the preexisting menu and let the cooks do the rest. However, if part of your job will also include picking and preparing food for the party, there are some things you should consider. 

A quick internet search will help you find creative ways to incorporate your food choices if the party has a clear theme. Some options are easy, but others may be more complex to prepare. You’ll have your hands full getting ready for this party, so you should probably choose foods you can make ahead of time. Other alternatives are services like Bite Catering, store-bought platters or enlisting help from other loved ones. 

The food should suit everyone’s needs, whatever you choose to serve. Small, light fare will be easy to carry around the party as people mingle. Also, everything on the menu should be mommy-friendly. If she can’t eat or drink it, no one else can — sayonara, mimosas and sushi. 

  1. Make Sure Everyone Will Have Fun

Party games are an essential part of any baby shower. Choose some tried-and-true activities like the clothespin game and a onesie decorating station. Then add some other fun things to amuse your guests, like name the “poop” with various chocolate bars and guess the baby food. Most importantly, select games guests of any age and gender can enjoy, not just the moms of the group. 

You should also plan an activity for everyone to enjoy while mom opens her shower gifts. It’s the most tedious part of a shower — who really wants to sit still and watch a woman open bunches of presents? Find out if mom wants the attention on her during this time or if she would like a break from the spotlight. Select an activity that will give her what she needs, and maybe even prepare for multiple alternatives if she changes her mind in the moment.  

Another way to ensure everyone has a good time is to plan your start and end times with LA traffic patterns in mind. Congestion is worst during the morning and evening commutes, so a brunch baby shower is perfectly suited for your guests’ travel convenience. 

Enlist Plenty of Help

Planning a baby shower is a large undertaking, but you’re much better prepared with these tips. Why keep all the fun for yourself, though? You will want to have help on standby, especially if you get stuck in LA’s infamous rush-hour traffic. Get assistance from other friends and family members to make this the shower of the mommy-to-be’s dreams. See what skills everyone has and divide and conquer.


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