Claris Health hosts annual City Lights Gala

The Claris Health “City Lights” Gala was held at The Skirball Cultural Center on October 21, 2022. It was a powerful evening of transformative stories and a celebration of the lives impacted by Claris Health.

Moving, heartwarming, and entertaining, the evening was all for a great cause as we listened to a few of the lucky people impacted by the caring ways of Claris Health which provide a sanctuary for holistic medical treatment (medical care, counseling, and ongoing support) while helping people rise above the challenges they face today.

Claris Health has been unstoppable as its mission from the start has been to equip and care for individuals and their families before, during, and after pregnancy and sexual health choices. The organization provides free or low-cost medical support, therapy, parenting, and educational services to women, men, and families with children under five.

More than ever at our time in history, Claris Health is needed. This Los Angeles-based 501(c)3 organization educates and supports everyone who is facing an unintended pregnancy and health and wellness issues such as homelessness, human trafficking, mental health issues, and much more. Claris Health’s story began over 45 years ago when a small group of women was inspired to start an organization that offered life-changing services to women, men, and families.

Whether it’s education to set you on a healthy course or a test to confirm pregnancy or empathetic support throughout your pregnancy journey, Claris Health is there every step of the way.



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