Thanks ~ giving

I want to thank you for stopping to read this article and learning about self-growth. Now please, stop for a moment and take a deep breath. Open your energy system and be receptive to the gift of thanks I’d like to give you. Think for a moment how your commitment to growing your inner light has affected those who live in the glow of your light. This quote beautifully explains our inner striving to … Continue reading Thanks ~ giving

Healing Hate

Healing hate begs the question, what is hate? The Merriam Webster dictionary says, “Intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.” My spiritual practice is rooted in the teachings of the Vedic Scriptures of India. The Vedas say we are in the age of Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is one of four cycles in time that continuously perpetuate for eternity. We … Continue reading Healing Hate

How to Tell if You’re Making Spiritual Progress

Twenty years ago I attended a lecture with a famous spiritual teacher from India. A woman in the audience asked him a question. I never forgot the question, or the answer. The question was, “What’s the best way to meditate?” The answer was, “Whatever way makes you love God more.” I was moved by his answer. The truth resonated in the depths of my being. … Continue reading How to Tell if You’re Making Spiritual Progress

Fear and Faith

How do we regard such an incident as the massacre of dear school children? There are 3 primary realms of existence, the material, emotional and spiritual. In the material realm this is a tragedy beyond measure. Nothing can make sense of a senseless act, especially one of violence acted upon innocent children. And yet it happens. Innocent helpless children were massacred. A mother murdered by … Continue reading Fear and Faith

I’m in Love with the Wrong Person

Years ago working on a show in NYC. I was assistant director/production manager for a production of Romeo & Juliet, on Off-Off Broadway. I had a big time crush on one of the actors. We clicked both on and off the set. The chemistry was absolutely delightful. We were both young. He was a gorgeous and charming flirt. I was shocked when we sat down … Continue reading I’m in Love with the Wrong Person

You Didn’t Call Me Back

You’re right, I didn’t call you back. I’m guilty. When I’m in a Recovery Cycle it could take me a few days. I don’t know much about astrology but I know about emotional Recovery Cycles. I wish more people did because not knowing causes so much more emotional pain! Over the past few weeks it seems like there’s something up astrologically around emotions because emotional … Continue reading You Didn’t Call Me Back

Break the Fault Finding Habit

I caught myself pursing my lips while on the phone with an old friend. I finally brought up why I was pissed, it was about the forty bucks she owed me from a few years back. The air between us got awkward. More than three decades ago I declared I would never again ‘lend’ money unless I was truly okay with never getting it back, no matter … Continue reading Break the Fault Finding Habit

How to Break a Bad Habit

Transitions are tough. Everything in our physiology naturally goes into resistance when facing a transition. The brain loves to create patterns. With patterns (even, unfortunately, negative, destructive patterns), you find comfort simply because the pattern is known to you. Patterns help us feel stable. But what about the patterns that start out as healthy and after time become unhealthy. For example, a drink after dinner … Continue reading How to Break a Bad Habit

How To Know If You’re A Healer

How do might you know if you are an Energy Healer? Try these introspective propositions on for size: 1. Your entire life people have constantly sought you out for guidance, clarity and leadership. 2. You’ve given of yourself tirelessly to the point of exhaustion and health problems. 3. You’re intuitive. 4. You have a healing touch. 5. You’ve had enough. 6. You know you have … Continue reading How To Know If You’re A Healer