5 Ways to Make Your “Firsts” Count

The very first moments in which you start your day can clearly determine the path you take. Consider being thoughtful to your “first” thoughts and actions, and you will set the stage for a glorious day to follow. The first two can be done even before you open your eyes, while you are still in your bed, as the first light is coming up. Five “firsts” that … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your “Firsts” Count

Choose Calm Through Belly Breathing

Breathing is the easiest and quickest way to choose calm and has many health benefits. It seems so simple and yet, we may not be aware that we all breathe differently, so finding the way you breathe is really important in moving forward from this day on. Find yourself sitting mindfully on the floor or on a chair with your back straight and your hands … Continue reading Choose Calm Through Belly Breathing