Treat yourself or your Valentine

During the pandemic we all need a little self-care to get us through these days of uncertainty, so surprise your loved one (or buy it for yourself) this Valentine’s Day with a little pick me up to show them they are loved. A small token of appreciation goes a long way – whether it’s a box of homemade scones or a stylish chapeau. Here’s the … Continue reading Treat yourself or your Valentine

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Beauty Product Guide for Fall

Lately, we have been juicing daily and really thinking about what we put in and on our body. If you haven’t read the latest Darling Magazine Issue 17 in their Beautician section, Sunnie Brook shares in her article “Beauty Bizaar” some of the potent natural ingredients you want to make sure are in your beauty products for long term health benefits, like soybean (soy), willowherb, … Continue reading Beauty Product Guide for Fall