Arcona Pumpkin Body Lotion – A Perfect Fall Scent that Repairs Skin With Glycolic

Arcona pumpkin body lotion perfect for sun stressed aged skin (Photo credit:

Arcona based right here in Santa Monica, California always offers the best in skincare products due to their little secret that makes every product I have tried (and that is a lot!) work wonders to my skin. The active ingredients they use are cold pressed at low temperatures, in small batches, to keep them active and effective. Since cold processing is labor and time intensive, most skin care products, even the expensive ones that may begin with quality ingredients, are heat processed, which ultimately leaves nutrients lifeless and ineffective.

So, when I heard they were incorporating pumpkin into one of their body lotion products that also included 10% or 20% glycolic acid, I had to try this new potion because I have the worst freckled and “too much time in the sun” aged skin on my chest and shoulders. Nearing 40 years old, I was thrilled to notice major skin changes in a couple weeks of using the Pumpkin Body Lotion every day after I got out of the shower. My skin tone is smoother and more even. I am hooked! Next time, I am going to purchase the 20% glycolic.

The scent is divine. This natural highly active body lotion is infused with pumpkin extracts and glycolic acid to help improve tonal quality and elasticity in the skin. The Pumpkin Body Lotion is excellent for regenerating and repairing sun-damaged skin from your summer travels or the constant exposure to the sun in California.

Available in 120 ml for $35.

Available at and


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