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Interview with Taryn Manning of Orange is the New Black

Every time I go out in La La Land, people are talking about the new Netflix sensation Orange is the New Black. Released in July of 2013, watch it to find out what all the jail cell buzz is about. The series, produced by Lionsgate is based on Orange Is the New Black by Piper Kerman, a memoir about her experiences in prison. Orange Is the New Black stars Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, a woman imprisoned for transporting drug money. The series also stars Laura Prepon as Alex Vause, a drug dealer and Piper’s ex-girlfriend. Michael J. Harney plays prison counselor Sam Healy. Kate Mulgrew plays the inmate cook “Red,” and Jason Biggs is Piper’s fiancé, Larry Bloom.


Orange is the New Black cast (Photo credit:

Taryn Manningwho is on season 1, becomes a regular in season 2 as Tiffany “Pennsatucky” Doggett. She plays a a drug addict prisoner who preaches about God and healing others. She was incarcerated for shooting a nurse at an abortion clinic who made a snarky comment on the number of abortions Pennsatucky had received. Her religious fanaticism begins when she receives heavy support from Christians, who use her trial as a pro-life rallying point.


Taryn Manning in the Netflix hit Orange is the New Black. (Photo credit:

We had a chance to catch up with Taryn Manning, the actress, fashion designer, DJ, and singer-songwriter.

Q: What are you most proud of in your career?

A: I am not sure if I have just one, but at the moment it is pretty rewarding to be apart of a hit series.  I am grateful to be a working actor in this industry and maintain a level head with a positive outlook.  The most challenging is moving cross country to NYC and being away from friends and family.

Q: Why do you think Orange is the New Black has been so wildly successful?

A: 1. Because the script and story are original 2. Great cast members who are talented and interesting.

Q: How has your past work prepared you for the role on Orange is the New Black?

A: What people do not realize is that Pennsatuckey has played many parts outside OITNB like Hustle and Flow, Crossroads, Crazy Beautiful and 8-Mile as well as my band Boomkat and solo endeavors.

Q: What would people be most shocked/surprised of behind the scenes on Orange is the New Black?

A: Good question. I am not really sure. However, we are all not dolled up. My teeth have color enamels to emphasize my character’s past.  My hair is dulled to a lifeless mousey brown and because of my personal dedication I have chosen to forgo tweezing my brows and mani pedis in order to stay true to character, as beauty is not customary in jail.


Taryn Manning (Photo credit: Sara Jaye Weiss)

Q: What is your favorite thing about LA?

A: My friends and family are there. Oh and the weather.

Q: What music are you hooked on now?

A: Everything. I am a DJ, so I need to know all.

Q: What is your favorite beauty product?

A: Dry shampoo, Rose Salve lip balm, and a great moisturizer.  I can’t stand dry skin so anything that moisturizes.

Q: What is your favorite LA workout spot?

A: Runyon Canyon with my dog.

Q: What is your favorite LA restaurant?

A: Dan Tana’s is always good.

Q: What is your favorite chill place in LA?

A: My home.

Q: What is your favorite LA brunch spot?

A: Four Seasons Beverly Hills

Q: What is a great date spot or evening out with friends in LA?

A: The Little Door restaurant


Taryn Manning (Photo credit: Sara Jaye Weiss)

Q: Where is your favorite place to vacation?

A: Hawaii

Q: Where do you get your news?

A: Huffington Post

Q: Do you support any charities?

A: All things dog related.

Recently, Taryn Manning hosted a hair color launch dinner for beauty industry icon Beth Minardi. Minardi is known for her high profile hair color clients around the world. She works with a broad range of celebrities and VIPs, as well as with film and television producers who rely on her skills to create color designs for their on-camera talent.

Minardi transformed Taryn Manning’s hair at the Mark Garrison Salon in New York City. Afterwards, Taryn hosted an intimate dinner at The Lion in NYC to showcase Beth Minardi’s color line which adds new shades for the 2014 year. Taryn received a gloss by Beth Minardi utilizing her gloss shades. The qualities behind this gloss are 1) commitment free color that strengthens the hair; 2) it lasts 8-10 weeks then fades completely; 3)they add shine like nobody’s business.

Beth Minardi said, “I prefer to enliven brunettes by creating dimension with lowlights using an opaque Demi Creme color. Blending and weaving in punctuation marks of rich colors gives brunette hues movement, texture. Dimensional hair color is so much more visual interesting than covering hair with one shade of color. In Taryn, I wove shades of “Cinnamon Toast” and “Bamboo” throughout her medium brunette base. I wanted to articulate sensuality and sophistication with velvety brunette tones. I then applied a glaze of Beth Minardi Signature Demi Liquid “Buttercream” and “Sunflower” to infuse the hair with a warm, radiant glow. This is a modern way to fashion alluring, bombshell brunettes.” – Beth Minardi

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