Mark Moon’s Mad Workout Sprints

You can do anything for 35 minutes, right? Especially when your adrenalin is pumping, you know you’re headed to body fit heaven, and you’ve got Mark Moon guiding and teaching you all along the way. Moon is already an established fitness and wellness sensation in Australia, and now he’s getting warmed up to bring his (and your) “hot body” onto the LA scene by using modalities that are accessible, doable and maintainable.

Fitness and Wellness Sensation, Mark Moon of Mark Moon Fitness (photo: courtesy of Mark Moon Fitness)
Fitness and Health Sensation, Mark Moon of Mark Moon Fitness (photo: courtesy of Mark Moon Fitness)

I discovered this truth at a recent small private training session in West Hollywood. For 35 minutes Mark had us storming through 3 sets of 15 reps of 5 different exercises and then another 3 sets of 5 new exercises that alternately worked the upper, lower, mid, front and backs of our bodies in a quick paced, heart pumping manner. Using only free weights and our own body weight, with a prescriptive emphasis on perfect posture and form, he lead us through both circuits with precise instruction, while giving us a constant stream of information about how what we were doing for our bodies was beneficial, both inside and out. My endorphins were running, and I truly thought I could have gone on longer. But, the next day proved that those mere 35 minutes with Mark Moon were pure magic. I was sore, sore, sore, and more than motivated the following day to hit the gym and try it all out on my own. I’ve since followed along with Mark’d DVD and am making a concerted effort to incorporate his GET FIT Fast Workout System into my weekly regime, with a special noted emphasis on his deep squats and lunges, just for the sake of the booty of course.

Gracing the cover of Australian Men’s Living Magazine is only one of the many national and international places Mark has showcased his incredible health and fitness knowledge and ability. He’s also been featured and published in Australian Golf Digest Magazine, Chartered Skies Inflight Magazine and Compete Sports Magazine USA with his own “Fitness and Lifestyle” column, as well as a contributor for Body+Soul Man. Through all this famed exposure Mark maintains his prime goal to help anybody and everybody achieve their own health and fitness goals.

Mark Moon breathes and lives what he teaches, and it shows in so many ways. Clearly, he’s fit beyond belief. His lean, balanced, muscular physic is one that exudes power, strength and agility. He doesn’t just look like he spends time hitting the weights in the gym, but also engages in cardiovascular activities. And even more, he has that warm, energetic light that exudes from genuinely happy, active people.

When I asked Mark what draws him to Cali he reflected, “I have always loved the USA and felt right at home here, even from my first trip in 1998. I have always loved the outdoors, and the west coast is such a great place for it. I worked at a Summer camp for 3 summers teaching horse riding, and after each summer camp I would spend another 3 months camping and hiking through the national parks… AMAZING! America is the perfect place to be fit, active and healthy. And I like to educate people that you don’t need to live in a gym, you don’t need to train for hours a week, you just need to be smart about it. Get active, stop eating crap food, get outside, get fit and be happy!” Amen to that!

Small private training session with Mark Moon (photo: courtesy of Mark Moon Fitness)
Small private training session with Mark Moon (photo: courtesy of Mark Moon Fitness)

Mark Moon’s fitness system is one that doesn’t necessarily require a gym because of its simplicity. You don’t need a lot of gadgets or space. All you need are free weights, a bit of dedicated time and consistency. His circuits of exercises can be done on the road, in your house, outside, inside, or of course also in a gym. What’s so fabulous about his training style is that whether your learning from him right by your side or virtually through a big screen, his directives are super clear, precise and motivating. He talks you through each exercise on different levels: he instructs how to do each exercise using correct form, informs about the benefit of the exercise and proper posture, offers incremental challenges, and motivates with goal markers and even a bit of humor to make you smile and possibly forget about the accruing burn in your muscles.

Mark Moon, fitness and wellness sensation (photo: courtesy of WIN PR)
Mark Moon, fitness and wellness sensation (photo: courtesy of WIN PR)

As for LA, Mark feels that “LA is the perfect place.” We couldn’t agree more! We all know that LA is filled with beautiful people from all walks of life who seam to collectively pine after that infamous “fountain of youth.” The draw to LA for Mark is to be able to educate people about what he believes are the more important matters in health. “It’s not about having 6 pack abs,” he says. “It’s about getting people to be healthy! The world of fitness media is a huge one, however it is still filled with so much information (a lot of it, not so good). And most of it unfortunately sends unrealistic messages to the consumer. The fact is you can’t get a 6 pack in 6 days! I want to send a message that you can SEE results in 8 weeks, but you need to live a healthier lifestyle and make smarter food choices, otherwise it’s not going to work.”

Mark is also well-versed in and a strong proponent of blood type diet and training, which correlates specific diet choices and types of exercise with each blood type. What he “loves about the BT diet is that once you get used to it, it doesn’t seam as though you are on a diet at all. The blood type diet is about building a healthy digestive and immune system. And the exercise is about balancing out stress levels and creating hormonal balance. This is what is missing from most of the latest fitness crazes. They actually stress your body out more than they help it. The other thing to remember with diet too, is the importance of good intestinal bacteria – something that is grossly underemphasized in the health and fitness industry. The fact is that the more sugar and wheat you consume, the more your bad bacteria takes over. As for the BT training, it’s about understanding how your body responds to stress, and the stress response to exercise. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to anything.” It seams to me that what his fitness and health message conveys is to first; be active, but also to be smart about the choices we make. If you do it right it should be efficient and make you feel great from the inside out. And in this fast-paced multi-faceted world we live in, especially in LA, I think his philosophy will be very much welcomed, especially since great results are sure to ensue.

Primed for LA dreaming, Mark said of himself, “I like to challenge myself, set BIG goals and see where life can take me. I’ve never been scared to give something a go! The difference between a dream and reality is action.” I, for one, love this attitude and am super excited that Mark Moon is taking action to make LA his second home. He’s sure to make a BIG impact on helping a lot of us in LaLa Land activate our fitness and health dreams into reality! And, get this! You can be one of the lucky ones to sample Mark’s new DVD series if you are the first of our readers to re-Tweet this article from our Twitter feed or the first to share our Facebook post! So, get informed, get active, and get Tweeting and Facebook sharing to actualize your fitness dreams with Mark Moon’s mad workout sprints!


Five Exercise Tips for Fitness Success from Mark Moon Fitness

1. Find activities you enjoy and look forward to doing.
2. Make your exercise schedule something you can sustain.
3. Do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for Blood Type O.
4. Do more Yoga, Pilates and Meditation for Type A.
5. Find a balance of everything for Type B and AB.

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