RDA-12™, The Fruit and Veggie Supplement

I have never been one for taking vitamins or sticking to it, but I thought I would try this dietary supplement RDA-12™ for a month since I am not always getting the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables.  I took one to two capsules a day with water. Most supplements contain artificial ingredients, but RDA-12™ is made from whole fruit and vegetable extracts that include the skin, stalk, and peel, which are very nutritious parts of the produce that many of us avoid eating because of the taste.

(Photo credit: http://www.motherhood-moment.blogspot.com)

This all-natural powdered extract was designed by a team of accomplished Ph.D level scientists led by AddisonField’s Founder Dr. Bradford A. Young. He was compelled to create this product, which is made in LA, when he started to realize he didn’t have the same energy and vitality that he once had and that he could no longer recover from strenuous activity and concentrate the way he did when he was younger.

The process used to make RDA-12™ is the following – the produce is gently dried, then the water is evaporated, and the produce is ground into a powder extract.  The system also uses a plant-derived coating to protect against degradation of the nutrients, but also improves their bioavailability for optimal absorbtion. Data shows RDA-12™ is better absorbed and has a higher anti-oxidant capacity than leading competitors.

(Photo credit: http://www.livingsmartgirl.com)

The biggest difference I noticed after using the vitamin supplement was that I had more energy and one night when I had too many drinks, I still felt fine in the morning, which surprised me. I wondered if it cured the possibility of a hangover. Other users have claimed the following results: less appetite, more energy, improvement in hair and nails, better endurance (and times) in workouts and muscle growth. Other testimonials have included that the supplement didn’t hurt their stomach and they had better looking abs. One person said they just put it in their coffee.

This plant based nutrition is the best way to combat illness, disease and aging. To learn more about RDA12™, click HERE.

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