The Tiny Bandit Pop Up Sample Sales…Providing “Stealin’ Deals” You Don’t Want to Miss

Heather Beaudoin launched the Tiny Bandit Pop Up Sample Sale a few years back to bring her beloved friends in the fashion industry together. “We should be like a family where we support each other,” she explained. Instead of maintaining the status quo of competition, Heather has taken it upon herself to connect an incredible array of top local fashion leaders to form a beautiful camaraderie, and in turn has created the likes of a community. As she gathered her peeps around her with her big smiles and hugs today, it became evident to me that her sweet lively demeanor is what sets the tone for her Tiny Bandit events and has enabled her vision to transpire amongst her growing crew of peers.

What is Tiny Bandit? Four to Five times a year this pop up sample sale provides “stealin’ deals” from both men’s and women’s hot contemporary brands for a few dazzling hours at the Palihouse, a stylish neighborhood boutique hotel, residence and bar in WeHo. The relaxed vibe of her first day-time sample sale in its luxurious lounge-like atmosphere was an easy way to spend an afternoon; sipping Happy Hour priced cocktails and vibing to the DJ’s tunes, while meandering through a plethora of amazing fashion pieces, all displayed individually by each of the 12 designers throughout the lobby. Her nighttime events take the energy up a few notches, concocting the serious buzz of a bash. Either day or night, the Tiny Bandit Sample Sales are a fabulous means to indulge in amazing fashion at incredible deals, ranging from 50-75% off retail prices. How can you say no?

In line with Heather’s efforts to provide community and partnership, she has continually hosted a donation for a charitable cause at each of her pop up events. On Sunday, December 8th Tiny Bandit collected canned goods for the Los Angeles Mission to aid in their continuing 75-year stint of serving homeless people and families by providing spiritual, physical and emotional sustenance, avenues for becoming financially independent and the empowerment of hope. It feels good to give a little bit of something, especially for a good cause. And as it turns out, there is more than meets the eye (so to speak) at the sale itself. It’s easy to overlook because the fashion in its own right is so compelling. But, I found out through talking with a couple of the designers and to Heather, that many of the brands are connected to charitable organizations as well.

Anooshka Zakarian and Ani Karapetian, founders of Lov Project (Living One Vision Project) photo: courtesy of Lov Project)
Anooshka Zakarian and Ani Karapetian, founders of Lov Project (Living One Vision Project) (photo: courtesy of Lov Project)

Anooshka Zakarian and Ani Karapetian co-founded the Lov Project (Live One Vision Project) shortly after their first trip to India. Drawn to India for years, they found themselves in Kerala where they discovered a vocational center that rehabilitates physically disabled young adults through education and training in various traditional craft skills. Soon after, they embarked upon a partnership with one another and with the center to create a beautiful boho-chic resort inspired line of scarfs. Well versed in the fashion industry, the duo travels back and forth between India and Los Angeles to work with the artisans at the center and then to distribute the scarves here. Teaching the participants ancient artistry techniques and skills has enabled the creation of their gorgeous Lov Project scarves, and the ability to provide the artisans with medical care, housing, food and a better quality of living in return. Besides being able to wrap your body with a beautiful naturally dyed silk scarf with “buttery textures and earthy tones” when you purchase a Lov Project scarf, you’ll also be contributing to Ali and Anooshka effort to “grow and nurture relationships with diverse artisans around the world… and to build a socially responsible brand that gives back to impoverished artisans.”

Interestingly, many of the featured designers’ lines have also been inspired by the people, sites and objects they’ve experienced through their travels, as in the case of JemmaSands and Nightcap Clothing. Sumptuous Parisian and Italian lace made up much of what Nightcap displayed at Tiny Bandit. Designed by Carisa Brambles, all of Nightcap’s hand selected european fabrics are elegant, luxurious and oh so soft to the touch, while hugging the curves and soft lines of the female form. It’s not surprising that her inspiration was borne of “seductive boudoir.” Mostly bohemian in spirit, her collections draw from her time modeling in Japan, her extensive travels through Europe and the equestrian world, in which she has lived and breathed since she was a little girl. It’s no wonder that she’s given her time and effort as an advisory board member, as well as proceeds from one of her equestrian influenced lines and a series of gorgeous horse photographs featured in her boutique on Abbot Kinney, to help support Saving America’s Mustangs. The organization aims to put an end to federally forced captivity of our nearly extinct wild mustangs. On a video reaching out to Oprah Winfrey for support of SAM’s effort Carisa stated, “Wild horses ignite something in each of us; our free spirit. We cannot let these animals suffer any longer…If we don’t do something about preserving America’s Mustangs, our future generations will miss out on the beauty of our American heritage.” Be on the look out for Nightcaps new equestrian line coming out soon. It’s sure to embody her free-flowing sensuous style as well.

Each unique piece of JemmaSands handcrafted jewelry conveys a sense of the old world, of special hidden places, and of the beauty of ocean shorelines. Using raw diamonds, pink sapphires, natural gemstones, golds and silvers, wood and shells, Jennifer Heim has created a collection of pieces both inspired by her numerous travels around the globe and the magnanimous coastline of California. Just walking the beach collecting interesting shells is inspiration enough to her for her growing collection. And, she’s even taken to naming her pieces after places she dreams of going as well as the places she’s been.

The Tiny Bandit has provided quite a sampling of designers within the course of the few years of its existence. During this last sale alone Vaalbara, Lov Project, Wren, JemmaSands, Nightcap, Rieley, Drifter, Flynn Skye, Sol Angeles, Jacob Davis, Saint GraceJunk Food and MineDesign were all featured. I can hardly wait to see who Heather might bring into her mix next. Her 14th Pop Up Sale and beyond is bound to have a smattering of hip LA designers who are savvy, well-traveled and socially conscious. It must be a testament to the kind of person their fearless leader is! Jump on the Facebook page and get in the know about when the next Tiny Bandit Pop Up Sample Sale will hit! You seriously don’t want to miss it.

(photo: courtesy of Tiny Bandit)
(photo: courtesy of Tiny Bandit)

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