Arcona Offers Eyebrow and Waxing Services in Santa Monica

Not only does Arcona offer the best in all-natural skincare and facial and body treatments, but now Arcona offers expert eyebrow and lip waxing services. I recently had my eyebrows perfected at the ARCONA Studio in Santa Monica. I am always scared to have this service done because I like my eyebrows looking naturally bushy. I feel like if they are too plucked, you look older and kind of cheesy.

Natural beautiful eyebrows. Arcona gets it! (Photo credit:

I was in and out in less than fifteen minutes with naturally arched brows that really seemed to change the shape of my face. I had a friend ask me the next day if I got botox in my forehead. Ha Ha! Nope, I just had my eyebrows masterfully tweezed and waxed. Often they send you home with free samples too. Their highly trained estheticians can quickly and efficiently remove unwanted hair resulting in smooth, gorgeous skin. Allow them to study your facial structure to customize the perfect eyebrow shape for you. Waxing services currently offered include:

Eyebrow Wax ($25.00)

Soft facial wax used to gently remove and shape your eyebrows, creating the perfect frame

Eyebrow Shape and Tweeze ($30.00)

A great alternative to waxing for those with sensitive skin or using medically prescribed exfoliants

Lip Wax ($12.00)

Removal of unsightly hair above the upper lip area

(Photo credit:
425 Broadway @ 5th Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Parking: Metered street parking is available in front of the studio or around the block, or the closest parking garage is located on 4th Street between Broadway and Colorado Ave.

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