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Get Primped & Pampered at I.C.O.N. Lab Salon

I.C.O.N. Lab Salon in Woodland Hills buzzed with sounds of mingling ladies who came to indulge in some luxurious pampering on a recent Wednesday night to kick off this holiday season. I.C.O.N. provided hair color and styling using their wide array of products, Mirabella Beauty showcased their creamy Italian-made make-up and gave complimentary application and brow-shaping. And Sara Horne came personally to display a sampling of her edgy feminine jewelry. To top it off, we were offered some tantalizing treats and spirits, including a variety of blended juices from Mr. Juice. It was a much needed night of fabulous primping & pampering at the end of a hectic day.

I.C.O.N. INDIA Hair Care Line (photo: courtesy of Jade Umbrella PR)

I.C.O.N. INDIA Hair Care Line (photo: courtesy of Jade Umbrella PR)

I.C.O.N. has developed a host of great hair care products, but for my unruly curly tresses I.C.O.N. stylist, Stacey Quintinella, directed me to their I.C.O.N. INDIA line. Rich with argon oil and other moisturizing ingredients, it has turned out to be a lovely means of eliminating the pending frizz I otherwise endure. Stacey assured me that my interest in a more natural pallet of ingredients would be fulfilled by the products, and then we got to work. She gently settled my head into the sink and washed, conditioned, massaged, and treated my hair with the whole INDIA line, while talking to me about the purpose of each product and how to use them advantageously. Then she lead me to the mirror and simply topped off my trusses with my take-home favorite, INDIA Curl Cream, to gently set my curls. What stands out most to me about INDIA is its luscious creaminess. It hydrates and softens without weighting down my hair. Midway through the week I found myself thinking, “Hmm.. so, this is what my hair looks like when it’s hydrated.” It’s been more silky than ever before. And ooh… does it smell rich and yummy. My boyfriend has even taken to using the conditioner on his beard. I not only recommend the full I.C.O.N. INDIA hair care line, but also to book an appointment at the I.C.O.N. Lab Salon in Woodland Hills with Stacey. She is sweet, personable, informative and skilled. The salon itself is super clean, comfortable and filled with a whole host of beauty experts and I.C.O.N. products to make you feel and look fantastic.

Mirabella Beauty's new Sparkle Glitter Glaze (photo: courtesy of Jade Umbrella PR)

Mirabella Beauty’s new Sparkle Glitter Glaze (photo: courtesy of Jade Umbrella PR)

Speaking of creamy, silky and fabulous, Mirabella Beauty has created a new eye shimmer called Sparkle Glitter Glaze that is prime for the holiday season. Mirabella make-up artist, Jasminine Dashtishad, who thankfully is a constant at I.C.O.N. Lab Salon, dawned silky layers of beautiful Mirabella colors, including the golden sparkles, to my tired face to brighten me up both in looks and in spirit. Jasminine is an absolute sweetheart and so easy to talk to. She made me feel pretty and attended to, and left me not only with a glowing face, but also with a pair of naturally arched brows. Maybe because Mirabella is made in Italy, I have a certain infinity towards the line. But, it is certainly undeniable that the textures are smooth, soft and yes, silky. My favorite product had to be the Sparkle Glitter Glaze. It provides a subtle gold shimmer with micro glitter for sensational eyelids. The moisturizing formula is long-wearing and can even be layered over powder eye shadow without creasing – something so important when going for a youthful glow that endures. It is indeed the “sophisticated way to shimmer” this holiday season. I can also see it looking amazing on sun kissed eyelids during LA’s spring and summer months.

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You can’t leave for a day or night on the town without the extra flair of jewels to set the tone of your style, right? Sara Horne Jewelry can give you that soft feminine bohemian style with just the right amount of edge, even if you’re simply throwing on a pair of perfect jean shorts and a white tank or mini dress with boots. Her unique designs tempt the inner starlet to express. Her materials boast from natural elements of stone, metal, leather and bone, and exude a certain softness and delicateness with a bold strand of strength. Her designs seem to echo the old world and her well-traveled eye. They also speak to her California clientele, as she pulls her inspiration from our beach-lined coast and nearby mountains. Her unique pieces “take on a mind of their own and uniquely transform to a wearer’s lifestyle.” She creates an “urban-gypsy glam” that is currently whetting the appetites of her celebrity fan base, and mine as well. She’s definitely an artist whose wares you want to adorn.

Find Sara Horne Jewelry at selected boutiques around Cali, find her on the web or local fashion events. And definitely make an appointment as soon as you can at I.C.O.N. Lab Salon in Woodland Hills for your hair and beauty needs. You’ll leave informed, beautiful and feeling good!

I.C.O.N. Lab Salon
20010 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 992-0053

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