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Lost Girls at the Rogue Machine Theatre

12 Ovation Nominations this season. Winning upwards of 50 awards (including Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle, LA Weekly, Ovation, Garland and BEST PRODUCTION two years in a row), Rogue Machine continues the run of the World Premiere staging of John Pollono’s new play, Lost Girls.


Lost Girls is a gritty play with a cast of excellent working class New England characters who like to use the “F” bomb a lot to express their disdain for life’s events. They show us the hardships a family can face. While trapped in the snow, the past is unveiled while a teenage daughter Erica played by Anna Theoni DiGiovanni takes the family’s car and runs off with a “Sporto” or Scooter played by Jonathan Lipnicki, known for his first kid role with Tom Cruise in Jerry MacGuire. The parents of the teen (Jennifer Pollono as Maggie – shared role with Isadora Goreshter and Michael Redfield shared role with Joshua Bitton as Lou) are forced to face their tragic and emotional past (one fused with rage and drinking) during a winter blizzard.

The acting in this tiny stage is superb, raw, and somewhat depressing. The mother is on her last dollar and losing her job due to the snowstorm and her missing car doesn’t help, nor does the grandmother Linda played by Ann Bronston help the situation, due to her constant bickering (although extremely funny). Now that the power goes out, the daughter is missing, the car has vanished, the new wife with the ex-husband are in the home helping to search for their teen, nothing seems like it will get better. The new wife Penny played by Kirsten Kollender tries to breathe some hope into the situation.


The stage is swung around several times as we see two worlds – one in a hotel room with the brash 17 year old daughter and her “Sporto” childhood friend that reveals their dreams, insecurities, and later common bond. The daughter’s runaway trip to see an older man with the help of her childhood friend changes on a different course as some tender unexpected moments are shared.

What messages can you take away by watching this intimate 80 minute play? You will have to go and see.

Designers include: David Mauer (Set), Jeff McLaughlin (Lighting Designer), Peter Bayne (Composer, Sound Designer), Caitlin Doolittle (Costumes), and Corwin Evans (Video).

“The struggle of America’s working class sometimes gets short shrift in pop culture–either represented as generic American Heroes, or as struggling simpletons who need to be saved. But the reality is much more interesting and it is through the specificity of portraying the working class as they really are, flawed, triumphant and human, that we can achieve something much more truthful and universal,” says John Pollono, the playwright.


Photo credit: RogueMachineTheatre

Designers include: David Mauer (Set), Jeff McLaughlin (Lighting Designer), Peter Bayne (Composer, Sound Designer), Caitlin Doolittle (Costumes), and Corwin Evans (Video).

Extending through January 27th – Award Winning Playwright John Pollono’s Lost Girls has hit shows in New York and Los Angeles. Both plays are being considered for additional runs regionally.

Rogue Machine Theatre

5041 Pico Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90019

5pm Saturdays, 7pm Sundays, and 8pm Mondays

Tickets are $30. Reservations: 855-585-5185 or online.


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