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Organic Essential Oil Patches – Get Relief!

I first discovered these natural relief patches that you slap on the sole of your feet, your upper arm, or above your heart at a Hollywood event. The company was so kind to send me boxes of the essential oil patches for numerous ailments, like allergy relief, sleep aid, headaches, stress, cough and cold, and more. Check out all of the patches HERE.

I was doubtful at first about how an essential oil combination could actually work, until one night I was so desperate. My eyes were itching so bad. I couldn’t stop blowing my nose. I know I didn’t have a cold, and I had never had allergies, but this had been going on several days.  Could the LA weather have made me come down with allergies in my late thirties? Yep, horrible allergies! It was now night three and I couldn’t even sleep.

I searched desperately around my house for some old medicine that might help, when I came across the gift bag with the essential oil patches and Voila! There was one for Allergy Relief!!!


The Hollywood event I attended where I discovered the Essential Patch. (Photo credit:

I slapped those sticker patches pretty much all over me. Latex free, the Allergy Relief patch is made from organic jojoba oil, tea tree, lemongrass, and geranium organic essential oils. And OMG! Within an hour I was feeling 90% better. I couldn’t believe these natural oils worked! Since that event many months ago, I promised myself I will write about these magical patches to help others find some relief.

I gave the Essential Patch box for Headache Relief to my colleague since she gets daily horrible headaches. The HeadAche Patch consists of grapefruit, and peppermint & copaiba essential oils. Sure enough, she said they really worked. She felt so much better.

This wonderful company out of Boulder, CO called Essential Patch even donates a percentage of each sale to a mission of serious goodness, as they call it.

Each box contains 12 patches you can use for 24 hours. Only $14.98 a box. To learn more about essential oils and aromatherapy, click HERE. 

The ultimate healing remedies can be found on Facebook and online at Tonight I am using their Sleep Aid Patch made from organic jojoba oil, mandarin and roman chamomile organic essential oils. Made with the best ingredients on earth, it is time for you to Get Patched!

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