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Good Good Kundalini Vibrations with Guru Jagat

Walking into RA MA Kundalini Institute in Venice I was greeted by the direct smile from whome I would soon learn to know as Guru Jagat. She’s young and hip and totally committed to her cause. My co-founder, Melissa Curtin, and I sat down with her before we indulged in her class, upon pillows by the windows that leans against a bustling Lincoln Blvd. Inside, we were in a sanctuary and our conversation became immediately engaging and fun. She made us feel at ease and excited for what was about to transpire – our very first session of Kundalini Yoga.

Guru Jagat (photo: courtesy of Clover PR)

Guru Jagat (photo: courtesy of RA MA Institute)

Now, I’ve been into yoga for a few years and previously for a short stint of time while I was in college. I love it! I find it to be healing in so many ways. But, although I’ve caught the celebrity buzz with the likes of Demi Moore and Russell Brand joining the Kundalini movement, and have even witnessed incredible emotional release and an accrued natural glow that now emanates from within a friend of mine whose been devoted to Kundalini for over a year now, I still really had no idea what I was about to get myself into.

Guru Jagat (photo: courtesy of

Guru Jagat (photo: courtesy of

What I found out is that what we were about to experience was an incredible internal and external force with the teachings of Guru Jagat. Mentored by Yogi Bhajan, a Kundalini Master, Guru Jagat is now situated at the helm of the U.S. movement and already serves as a Senior Teacher and founder of the thriving RA MA Yoga Institute at the mere age of 34. So, I figured we were in pretty good hands!

Guru Jagat at RA MA Institute (photo: courtesty of RA MA Insitute)

Guru Jagat at RA MA Institute (photo: courtesy of RA MA Institute)

With music playing, her voice and gongs vibrating throughout the class, my senses became acutely awakened. There was a sort of buzz within my being that held fast between the inside energy field of my body and the outside energy fields outside my body. It was a trip. There was a ton of repetition in sound and movement, which was incredibly challenging for my mind to accept. And at times my body too was pushed past a point of comfort that seemed different from just pure muscle fatigue. But, at the same time the experience was playful and fun. Needless to say, I was experiencing layers of juxtapositions.

Guru Jagat (photo: courtesy of RA MA Institute)

Guru Jagat (photo: courtesy of RA MA Institute)

Each time I looked up at Guru Jagat sitting upon her posh collection of sheepskin rugs she had a warm glowy smile that hinted at a laugh. She offers something deep to experience, something I really only scratched the surface of, I’m sure. But at the same time, she embodies this youthful, even quirky, sence of humor, that contiguously evokes an open laugh.

In technical terms, Guru Jagat is teaching her students how Kundalini can be used as a “technology” that activates the “glandular and metabolic systems, relieving stress and increasing collagen production.” If her flawless skin in an indication of the reality of the affect brought on by the practice of Kundalini, Kundalini is superior to Botox!

If you want to experience something new that will blow your mind, you’ve got to check her out. And, if you’re heading into mastery (if there is such a thing) of the ancient practice of Kundalini already, check her out too. Guru Jagat is quite a force!


Guru Jagat (photo: courtesy of RA MA Institute)

Guru Jagat (photo: courtesy of RA MA Institute)

What’s Brand Spanking New in 2014?
Guru Jagat has written a new book entitled At the Speed of Sound–High Velocity Transformation with Kundalini Yoga Subtitle — A 40-day Kundalini Yoga Technology Guidebook that serves as a guidebook for readers to gain energy, clarity, strength and more happiness – fast! the book offers once a day tidbits on breathing, movement, meditation and nutrition. She’s developed RA MA Records, a groundbreaking new musical concept that blends electronica, trance, rock, rap and more with conscious lyrics, bringing mantra to the masses. And, Guru Jagat has even created the RA MA Virtual experience. Live broadcasts of classes including Aquarian Family and Pre- and Post-natal, cleanses, workshops, trainings, lectures. And, you can peruse her RA MA boutique for beautiful white malas, dresses, turbans, music and more.



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  1. Lorraine Lola Del-Rose

    Having had the “Guru Jagat” experience myself many times, you are quite accurate with your description and documentation of it. Rock on, “Kundalini Yoga and Guru Jagat”


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