Truffle Mania at Republique LA

We have never in our lives had a night like this one. “Truffle Mania” is what I like to call it. Did you know some chefs call truffles the diamond of the kitchen?

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At 10 p.m. we were happily back at our favorite spot, Republique. To start, we sampled pates and foie gras that took up an entire table! Our truffle beer, which went down way too easily, was consumed with truffle fig burrata bites, truffle pizza, truffle beef tartar elegantly presented on a spoon, truffle burger bites, truffles on crispy French bread sandwiches, truffle in a lobster puff pastry concoction, and even truffle on top of an uni toast bite. The sensational truffle samples ended with Republique’s signature chocolate cake with chocolate frosting doused with black truffle strands AND cherry ice cream in these delicate cones sprinkled with black truffle.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Where do these delicious black truffles come from? It’s truffle season from late May through August in Western Australia and thanks to the The Truffle & Wine Co, we were lucky to sample these freshly harvested truffles from Majimup, Australia. Known as the Périgord black truffle in Europe, one third of the six tons of black truffles make their way to America.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Even though we have been to Republique LA so many times (Read more here), we have not had the Black Winter Truffle Risotto that is constantly raved about in LA food circles. Just another reason to head back for more fungi!

Photo credit: Truffle & Wine Co

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