What is the Best Kind of Sunscreen?


Star Naturals handy SPF stick (photo: courtesy of Star Naturals)
Star Naturals handy SPF stick (photo: courtesy of Star Naturals)

Times have changed. No longer are we rubbing cooking oil on our legs to get tan in the backyard, or pouring baby oil all over us to get a nice lobster burn. Now, we all know that too much sun is harmful – and can not only cause lasting damage, like wrinkles and sunspots, but skin cancer.

Living in LA causes us to be in the sun every day of the year, even when we are sitting in traffic in our cars, we are getting a beat down by the rays through our sunroofs, convertibles, or windows. Sunscreen is a must, whether it be in your lotion or makeup, or a handy stick that you might keep at the ready in your car.


We spoke with Star Naturals sunscreen owner and sun care expert Amber Nowland who told us what we need to pay attention to when we are shopping for sunscreen.

What to look for in products to avoid sunburn, skin cancer, and harmful effects of the sun:

1. Look for Broad Spectrum sunscreen. UVB protection keeps you from turning pink, but UVA protection is key. UVA rays accelerate skin aging and have been linked to skin cancer.

2. Avoid Oxybenzone, Octinoxate, and Homosalate. These ingredients are still found in many sunscreens. These chemicals penetrate skin entering the bloodstream and mimic estrogen in the body. Many people are allergic to oxybenzone as well. To read more about sun safety from the Environmental Working Group, click HERE. It is best to choose a mineral based product (preferably Zinc Oxide to get full UVA protection).

3. Say No To Sprays. As convenient as this option is, it poses a serious risk of inhalation and makes it too easy to miss a spot or not apply enough of the proper amount.

4. Be very careful with Sunscreen/ Bug Repellent products. The recommendations are to reapply Sunscreen every 2 hours to maintain protection. This may cause an overexposure to the repellant chemicals found in these products.

Photo credit: Melissa Curtin

Star Naturals Sunscreen is the perfect line for kids, adults, and even babies. This line has made it on to the Environmental Working Group’s “Best Beach and Sport Sunscreen” list for 3 years in a row. Made with certified Organic Almond Oil and Certified Organic Beeswax. Lemongrass Essential Oil is the preservative. Zinc Oxide gives UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Protection and Vitamin E was added as a second line of defense to help absorb free radicals that cause skin aging.

Another reason we love Star Naturals is because it is so easy to use, especially on kids since it comes in aNaturalStarlogofortrademark stick. No mess! We often have the kids put it on themselves. Star Naturals is the natural way to protect your skin. To buy online, or find stores near you, click HERE. To learn more, read our past post HERE.


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