How to Make some Sultry Waves; Win the Sexy Hair Mermaid Contest

Ever dreamt about being a mystical mermaid? Now’s your chance! Sexy Hair is partnering with Project Mermaids to find the most creative and unique mermaid-inspired hairstyles in the Sexy Hair Mermaid Contest; July 21 – August 11, 2014.

The contest en’tails’ a series of challenges, each ocean-themed, that will narrow the contestants down to one participant who has created the most beautiful and innovative styles. The winner will then be flown to Los Angeles to receive a two-night stay and two-part mermaid-themed photo shoot. The winner will also be invited back to Los Angeles to attend the Project Mermaid book launch party and gallery showing!

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In preparation for the contest, Sexy Hair has compiled tips to create the perfect mermaid waves either by using a curling iron, blow dryer, or even by air drying! I am going to try the air dry method mentioned here last with the Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray.

3 Ways to Mermaid Waves or Sultry Strands:

 Curling Iron

1. To create a sexy mermaid style wave to your hair using a curling iron, start with dry or second day hair, this will help the waves stay in place longer.

2. Flip head over and spray a heat protectant like Style Sexy Hair 450 Protect all over. Avoid using a mousse or gel because this will remove the natural wave texture and make the final look appear too crunchy.

3. Part hair into two sections, top and back. Clip the top part of your hair and start creating curls in the back and work your way forward. With a 1 ¾ inch curling iron wrap hair around the iron without opening the clamp; this will help achieve a looser wave instead of tight curls. Hold the iron in the hair for about 6 seconds before releasing.

4. Once curls are completed, finger comb and toss hair while spraying it lightly with a flexible hold hairspray like Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable (below). Do not use a comb or a brush because this may undo the natural look of the wave pattern.

5. To add some extra flair to the look, gather the hair at the top into a small pompadour and decorate the crown of the head with flowers, jewels or any other mermaid-style accessories.



Price: $17.95

Where to buy:

WHAT IT IS:  A weightless hairspray that gives bounce, shine and hold, MINUS the product feel.

WHAT IT DOES: Anti-frizz technology helps keep hair smooth in all climates.  The unbeatable blend of Soy, Cocoa & Argan Oil helps nourish and repair hair.  Buildable hold allows for layering the product to achieve the desired result without adding weight.

HOW IT’S USED: Hold can approximately 8 to 12 inches from the hair and spray onto finished style.  Layer as needed to build a stronger hold all over, or focus on specific areas that require added control.

WHEN IT’S USED: Use Soy Touchable when you want natural-looking hold, volume, and shine WITHOUT the product feel.  Great for humidity-resistance and controlling frizz.  Also ideal for protecting hair from damaging heat styling tools & harmful UV rays.

Blow Dryer

1. On naturally curly or wavy hair, you have it easy because your hair has a natural mermaid wave pattern. When hair is damp, apply styling mousse like Curly Sexy Hair Curl Reactivator or Big Sexy Hair Root Pump all over the hair. Since curly hair tends to be dryer, use a heat protectant like Style Sexy Hair 450 Blow Out to prevent damage before blow-drying.

2. Next, use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment that you can put on the barrel. Bend head over and scrunch sections of the hair and aim the blow dryer at the spaces between your fingers. Keep the blow dryer on cool as you gently go over each section of the hair.

3. Once the blow dry is complete, apply a light layerable hairspray like Big Sexy Hair Get Layered and tousle hair with your fingers.

No Heat

1.       Mermaid curls can also achieved by either twisting or braiding your hair while it’s damp. These methods work best to keep hair healthy and strong by eliminating any use of heat.

2.       While hair is damp apply cream like Curly Sexy Hair Curling Cream from roots to ends of hair (below).

get-attachment-8.aspxPrice: $17.95

Where to buy:

CONCEPT:  Conditioning, Curling Crème that tames unruly curls and gives them strength, shape and definition.

WHAT IT IS: Curling Crème gives extra definition and control to erratic, unmanageable curly hair types. Gives all-day hold that smoothes and controls frizz while helping curls retain moisture. Humidity resistant to keep curls from going flat.

WHAT IT DOES:  Enhances and controls curls. Leaves hair extra soft and hydrated.

HOW IT’S USED: Rub crème between hands and distribute evenly through damp hair. Scrunch with hands and air dry or use with a diffuser. Works great to refresh second day curls.

WHEN IT’S USED: Can be used daily.

3. Divide hair into two sections and twist them tightly together, if hair is thicker you may need to divide it into three or four sections. Clip the hair up onto the top of head and allow airing dryer overnight, or waiting 4-6 hours during the day. It’s important to not take the twist out while the hair is still wet because a wave will not be achieved.

4. Once dry, undo the twist and run your fingers through the waves to give them body. For an even more ocean inspired look, use a texturizer like Healthy Sexy Hair Beach Spray (below).

get-attachment-6.aspxPrice: $19.95

Where to buy:

A combination of magnesium sulfate and sea salt gives your hair the natural look and feel that you desire if you were to be spending a day at the beach. Get all the perks of beach waves and avoid dry, frizzy hair with a Sexy Hair key ingredient for this particular product, Benzophenone-4, which protects the hair from UV rays. With the power of Argan Oil, your hair receives the nourishment and protection it deserves!


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