LaLa Ladies’ BeautyCon LA 2014 TopFavs

BeautCon LA 2014 packed the LA MART on August 16th with the youngest and hottest “Generation Connected” YouTubers, bloggers, editors, professional beauty influencers, and celebs in LA right now, along with tons of fans thirsty for the latest “best of the best” LA fashion and beauty trends. For three years in a row, this bi-coastal (NYC/LA) event has fueled the incredible upward trajectory of digital space for beauty and fashion. And, why not? Presented by the world’s #1 fashion magazine, ELLE Magazine, this season’s 3rd annual preeminent global summit brought more than 6,000 fans to the LA MART. With presenters of the likes of Kelly Osbourne, Shay Mitchell, Aimee Song, Bethany Mota, Jeannie Mai, Jessica Lowndes, Jillian Rose Reed, Britney Gatineau, and British band Rixton, alongside many more, it’s no wonder.

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“BeautyCon is the only summit that is geared toward young tech-savvy women ages 13-30“says Moj Mahdara, CEO of BeautyCon. “We pride ourselves on inspiring this audience to follow their dream – whether it is in the fashion, beauty or media industry. Providing a safe environment where these interactions take place inspires us to make this space bigger, better and more interactive for all participants.” Created to inspire and cultivate a new generation of online fashion and beauty trend setters, BeautyCon also introduced the BeautyCon Fashion Fan Club (BFF Club) where guests were able to sign up and receive special promotions, meet & greets, personalized shout outs from their favorite YouTube sensations amongst other perks. And it worked. Over 350+ bloggers, YouTubers, Viners + Instagrammers spoke to and about BeautyConLA day of, sparking a 55 million person conversation. #BeautyConLA began trending as early as noon, and trended worldwide throughout the entire day, 10 hours straight.

BeautyCon LA 2014 panelists shaking it loose (photo credit: Alexa Wyman)
BeautyCon LA 2014 panelists, Michaela Blaney, Shay Mitchell, Aimee Song and Jeannie Mai shaking it loose (photo credit: Alex Wyman/AP Invision)

Brands that participated included; NYX Cosmetics, American Apparel, Uberbliss, Tarte Cosmetics, Salon Perfect, Crown Brushes, Lola V, The Platform, Insta Brand, The Hunt, Covergirl, Luster White, Shea Moisture, Bellami Hair, Cult Gaia, Stila, Too Faced, Mr. Kate, StyleHaul, Lucky Brand and Panasonic Beauty to name a few.


Here are a few of our TopFavs of BeautyCon LA 2014…


Rochelle’s BeautyCon Highlights:

Lucky Brand

My favorite of the bunch definitely had to be Lucky Brand. In effort to create a new buzz, the long time staple for classic jeans, gave BeautyCon fans a sneak peek of  its redefining campaign, #Standout, lead by a dream team of game changers. We had a blast taking part in the hype by trying on their new lot of denim designs and rockin’ a pair (or two) in front of their green screen, so we could send our own #Standout images into the arms of social media and in turn get a free pair of Lucky Brand jeans.

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Carmen Carlton, Lucky Brand Women's Director, showing off the new #StandOut denim designs at BeautyCon LA 2014 (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)
Carmen Carlton, Lucky Brand Women’s Director, showing off the new #StandOut denim designs at BeautyCon LA 2014 (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)

Lucky has cut loose with new designs and fabrics that exceed their conservative look of yesterday, thereby stepping up their relevance in today’s fast and furious evolving trends. And yet, Lucky has not lost the best of what they have always provided – that easy “go to anytime” classic pair of jeans. But if Lucky was afraid of going all the way on their styles before, caution has been thrown to the wind. You want high-rise? The Olivia is not an “inbetweener” – it’s a super high-rise, and one that preserves the undeniable necessity of keeping the booty cute and perky! In addition as Women’s Jean Director, Carmen Carlton, relayed to me, “It’s all about the denim.” From four-way stretch fabrics, worn in denim with an added hidden stretch, from sassy new options in low, mid, high-rise, skinny and relaxed, sexy boyfriend jeans that are really made for the feminine frame, Lucky Brand is onto something fantastic!

Lucky Brand #StandOut Campaign (photo: courtesy of Lucky Brand)

Their new campaign will include 100 #Standout stories, featuring real people from all walks of life, coast to coast. From “fashion icons and families, musicians and bloggers, 5-year-olds and 75-year-old, rising stars, renegades and real life heroes” (, the people and the incredible photography captures fresh, natural moments in time. The images are real and emulate the classic feel and comfort Lucky has always had with a new edge that feels freeing, in a now and for forever kind of way. Each month a new lookbook will feature 10 new #Standout stories with corresponding film vignettes on their site. Check out how you can share your own #Standout story with Lucky Brand.



Amazon inspired "Golden Days & Sultry Nights" by Tarte, showcased at BeautyCon LA 2014 (photo: courtesy of
Amazon inspired “Golden Days & Sultry Nights” by Tarte, showcased at BeautyCon LA 2014 (photo: courtesy of

I fell for the fall collection of colors Tarte high-performance naturals put together in their Golden Days & Sultry Nights eye shadow kit. Inspired by the exotic colors of the Amazon Rainforest, the limited edition clay collector’s shadow palette provides colors of “relaxing summer days and wild summer nights with a fresh, flawless look” (Tarte). The 5 new shades include two neutral bases; “toes in the sand” (a matte ivory) and “espadrilles” (matte taupe), a riveting jade color called “oceanview,” and two sun-kissed popping colors to add light and depth, “caparinha cocktails” (gold) and “tropical sunset” (bronze). The shadows are formulated without mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate or gluten. The shadows go on easy, wear beautifully and add a luscious accent and pop to the eyes. And, I love that Tarte provides clear visual and written directions for how to apply the rich pallet for both “golden days” and “sultry nights.” My eyes have never looked and felt so good. I only wish I purchased their whole collection.

Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.

Grounds & Hounds founder, Jordan Karcher, brewing beans to help hounds in need at BeautyCon LA 2014 (photo credit: Alexa Wyman)
Grounds & Hounds founder, Jordan Karcher, brewing beans to help hounds in need at BeautyCon LA 2014 (photo credit: Alexa Wyman)

First of all the name and packaging of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is too adorable, the fair trade organic coffee tastes delicious, and drinking it helps to take care of… you guessed it, hounds. 20% of Grounds & Hounds’ revenue supports local no kill rescue organizations to help provide safe-havens for rescue pups all across the country that are sadly caught between homes. The concept and mission came instinctively to owner, Jordan Karcher, while feeding his new rescue puppy and drinking his “morning cup of Jo” about a year ago. The two actions just naturally go hand-in-hand in the waking hour. The first thing so many of us think about when we get out of bed is fueling up our own lazy bones with eye-lid lifting coffee grounds steeped in life-providing water, and simultaneously making sure our furry friends are fed heartily and feeling happy. Now we can do both important morning steps, while also taking care of a whole lot of rescue dogs in need of the same love and care. With every sip, cup and pound of Grounds & Hounds Coffee, we coffee lovers can join Jordan and his rescue partners in their effort to make Grounds & Hounds second-chance mission a beautiful reality.


Melissa’s BeautyCon Highlights:

BeautyCon LA 2014
BeautyCon LA 2014

Housed right next to Hounds & Grounds was one of their rescue partners, Wags and Walks. Melissa couldn’t keep her eyes off their adorable puppies cuddling together in the corner of the teen-queen BeautyCon. Wags and Walks is changing the world, one dog at a time, by helping the cuties find loving homes.

Perfect365 provides a one-tap makeover through an Ap that Melissa was excited to experience first-hand. “It’s like having a one-tap makeover where you can actually add different makeup options to test on a picture of your face to see what looks good,” she says. Available on iPhone and Android platforms, you can now amp up your Selfies by editing your make-up as well as easily experiment with new looks. Check out their Facebook page to view a plethora of looks.

Melissa watched the young girls at the Elle magazine section get their hair chalked in different colors and have rhinestones melted into strands of hair with a straightener. She also scooped up some sparkly Cover Girl lip gloss, Completely Bare hair removal strips, natural lashes from Salon Perfect, and boyfriend jeans you can live in from Lucky Brand. She learned about Swoon, so as to not miss out on any gloss left at the bottom of its encasing. Swoon has created a universal lip gloss applicator that helps you scoop what you can’t seem to get at the bottom. Sold at Sephora for $15, it looks like it may be in an indicator that more tools, aiming to eliminate common beauty bothers, are coming soon.

LaLa Ladies, Rochelle Robinson and Melissa Curtin at BeautyCon LA 2014
LaLa Ladies, Rochelle Robinson and Melissa Curtin at BeautyCon LA 2014










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