Top 10 Instagram Accounts to Get You Through your LA Day

Instagram has become my latest obsession – what I do when I am waiting in line, stuck in LA traffic, or need to unwind from the monotony of some days. It has become my escape, an escape of viewing others – their food, their sexiness, their nights out, the events I am missing, the concerts popping up unexpectedly, the celebs stepping out, the food porn from restaurants I love and new ones I want to try, the carefully crafted magazine shot photos, and the words of wisdom most likely borrowed and not created from the actual Instagrammer.

Everyone is screaming for attention, in some way or another, BUT I like it. It is like candy – you know it’s bad or maybe good for you (emotionally), but you can’t get enough. Just don’t come across your ex’s new girlfriend posting pictures of them making out and sleeping in bed with what was once your dog. The barf factor may make you want to write a few comments of your own under the pics, like “That’s the hat I bought him!” Sweet and sticky.


Daily I have friends “@-ing” me to check out the latest @thefatjewish posts because they are so insane always stemming on highly inappropriate, but often hysterical! Naughty, brash, crude, so un-PC! We know he’s the biggest Instragram sensation, but what about the others that inspire and make you want to be their friend?

Here is a list of some of our favs, and since we are all about LA, this list is about tying it to the city we love…. an LA list to help you get through your days of 2015, when those days may NOT be so Instagram worthy.

Instagram Accounts to Inform, Inspire, Shock, and Delight you through Pictures and a Few Words.


Follow the L.A. Son, Chef Roy Choi. Not just about his incredible food contributions to LA (from his famous Kogi food trucks, to being the man behind the movie Chef, to his latest endeavors at the Line Hotel with Commissary and Pot in Koreatown) but his own personal LA life and travel tales are revealed. Don’t forget to read his book L.A. Son: My Life, My City, My Food and check out his upcoming CNN show Street Food. The founder of the food truck movement and the Korean taco, Roy Choi shares more than this, as he shows you the man behind the foodie mission.



Get inspired as the vintage typewriter and its inspirational sayings above the keys often match the surroundings where the “graffiti-art” is placed, reminding us why the he$$ we are here – LA Baby! Slapped on conspicuous and inconspicuous places around town, you can find some of my favorite quotes on our own LaLaScoop Instagram. Not sure who the writer actually is who manages to paste these brilliant and fun statements, but the Los Angeles Magazine reports they want to challenge Angelenos to think about the craft of writing and the effect words can have. Brilliant! I get excited finding these LA sentiments throughout the city and frequently in my feed on Insta.

Photo credit:


Often I have to sit down to read Jenkin’s posts because they are so well written and thought out that I feel like I am reading a Steinbeck novel, but they are usually of his poetic sentiments of his adventures and bravery riding a bike from Oregon to Patagonia. I have shed tears reading his captivating prose – all on Instagram. His photos make my heart stop and wish I could be along on his ride. He captures the essence of nature, of being alone traveling, and his own personal growth in a way I haven’t seen done anywhere on Instagram. Truly inspirational, his breathtaking snapshots will make you want to hop on a plane and go meet him in front of a glacier, or camp with him under a bridge. His good looking LA friends often meet him on the road, probably keeping him company in his journey. Recounting his South American biking tales seems to be his new focus, as his new energy lies in writing a book, now that he has made it home.


Big admirer of these girls – Aaron Paul’s wife Lauren Paul @laurenpaul8 and her friend Molly Thompson @mollymaethomps founded a movement across the US as they visit schools to bring awareness and healing to prevent girl against girl bullying. Follow their Instagram feed to see how they are impacting hundreds of girls across the US. Girls in their assemblies fill out Kind Cards, a Kind Pledge, and a Kind Apology while sharing encouraging words and paying other girls compliments. See how they are getting others to spread kindness through the holidays. We were thrilled to see them honored at the Open Hearts Awards Ceremony Gala this past year at Jane Seymour’s Malibu home.

Photo credit:


Aaron Paul. Breaking Bad. Enough said. Follow his love for his wife (see Kind Campaign above), his new entertainment ventures (BoJack Horseman on Netflix, his upcoming film Exodus) and how he reaches out to his fans, in a way most celebs have not done in the past.

Photo credit:


The poet. The writer. The cool girl not even trying to be cool, but basically fitting perfectly the role of The Poem Girl. She reminds me of an era I want to bottle up. Your subject, your price. Part of my fridge dons Jacquelyn Suskin’s poems typed on an old school typewriter. You give her a topic, she writes you a poem on a tiny slip of paper, and you pay her a small fee for her words to make you ponder, like a wish or a fortune. Catch her live on her bike all over Hollywood at the Farmer’s Markets where she sets up shop, or follow her success and thoughtful words on Insta. Not only did she just write her second book entitled Go Ahead and Like it, but she was featured in the NY Times this year and just scored a book deal. In the spring, find her at the Yamashiro Farmer’s Market at the top of the hills.


He may be DirtNasty but I chose to remember him from his 1999 series Jack & Jill with Amanda Peet, Jaime Pressly, Justin Kirk, and more, when he played this luscious sweet faced prepster..Meeting him 10 years ago with his gold chains when I first came to LA swarmed in a party with Mark Wahlberg, Nicole Richie, Vince Vaughn, and Jason Biggs all in the same room killed that image. Seeing him perform his rapstar perverse gangsta dirty lyrics ( about five years ago at a penthouse at the Roosevelt, made me realize Mr. Rex had definitely gone down another path. Anyhow, swoon over his hotness and daily insane posts with his dog Duanne or his porn star like 15 second videos from how NOT to pick up at the gym. His Brother Earth clips, his gay twin Steven montages, his crazy dancing with dogs videos, and his how to give driving directions in LA have had us doubled over reeling with laughter. To help you get through the day, follow Simon Rex! He might just be the sexiest 40 year old man alive!

Photo credit:


No words, just the hottest darn photos around. “Chasing the sun” is what their Insta reads, but we could also call it, “Living the good life in LA.”


Follow the cinema in LA at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery with breathtaking photos and classic images of the stars. Their historical Insta feed reminds you of the greats – the great films, the great movie quotes, the great actors, the greatness of entertainment in this grand American city, Los Angeles. Keep up to date with their latest happenings, from concerts to movies to theater.

Photo credit:



Anna Wintour with Bruce Bozzi, Jr (right) headed to the Clooney wedding. (Photo credit:

Get an inside look at the influential and older famous crowd who frequent The Palm in Beverly Hills and other Palm locations thanks to Executive Vice President Bruce Bozzi who often shares his ‘grams of the day. He is the fourth-generation member of one of the original founding families of the successful American Palm restaurants.

Other Instagrams we enjoy following in LA also include:  food inspiration from @hoopLAblog, favorite food dishes from @republiqueLA, saucy hats from @heninheadwear, Victoria’s Secret angel @alessandraambrosio as she plays in LA and all over the world, movie happenings at @arclightcinemas, fitness fun with @classpass, and colorful fitness workout clothes from @splits59.

To view Los Angeles street art, check out this compilation, @impermenant_art. For more dam sexy LA images, follow @basementfox. To keep up with what is going on around W. 3rd St, follow @westthirdstreet, and @youfleurish will remind you to go in to their Brentwood location and make some floral arrangements for the ones you love.




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