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Edwardian Ball – A Mecca for Lonely Hearts!

V-eep day is coming, and it’s serious. If you’re single there is a sacred fruit that connects us all. It sends most down the rabbit hole of self-pity, and is the catalyst for joining an online dating site. If one is in a relationship choosing the correct gift can drive the most calm of men into a mindfuck frenzy. We are all walking targets for V-bombs, so if you want to survive Valentine’s Day it’s best to have a plan, and a kick-ass event to go to.


On February 14th the sixth annual Edwardian Ball will be in Los Angeles with a special edition of “ My Gorey Valentine!” A labyrinthine fantasy of costumery, storytelling, cyberpunk circus, ribald music, and daring exhibitions. Think Disneyland for adults, if Disneyland was set in the 19th Century, and the theme was Edward Gorey. I mean, it’s bonafide evening of entertainment.


Featuring Rosin Coven (theatrical music ensemble based in San Francisco), Vau de Vire Society (avant-cabaret community consists of classically-trained dancers, some of the nation’s most acclaimed acrobats, aerial artists, sideshow acts, and fire-performers), TRAPEZE DJs Delachaux & The Klown, The Gentlemen Callers of Los Angeles, Gorey-inspired Fashion Show & Living Statues by Dark Garden Unique Corsetry and Bridal Couture, The John Brothers Piano Company, Owl Tree Tarot & Tinctures, Portrait Booth, Ballroom Dancing, Rooftop Vendor Bazaar, and Midway Gaming.


The Edwardian Ball®

February 14, 2015

The Henry Fonda Theatre

Hollywood Blvd, LA, CA 90028

Tickets can be purchased HERE.


Guest Writer: Tatyana Gelfond




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