An LA Love Story – Part 1

LA gets a bad rap. People from the east coast who haven’t been to LA in 20 years can’t seem to understand why I live here. Little do they know, we aren’t too concerned with what they think because those of us who live here know that this megacity is one of the most exciting cities in the world. With a population inching close to four million and an endless array of cultural offerings, this city delights and excites nonstop.

Photo credit: – Natalie DiScala

“Gone are the days when Los Angeles can be viewed as a paved, sprawling wasteland of the superficial or struggling. Scratch the city’s surface and beauty starts to emerge. It’s a strange, elusive beauty, but those willing to look a little deeper, it can be magic.” – Sign seen at Good Cities Project

Each week we will share LA Lovin’ from 10 peeps.


I love the interesting people. I’ve met so many super creative people who are all in LA to chase their dreams. Love that.

– Natalie DiScala, Editor, Oh! Travelissima 


I love LA because there are barely any mosquitoes.

Avocados and lemons grow on trees all year long.

My parka only comes out when I am traveling somewhere else, like to go skiing, which is only an hour or so away.

LA Michelle Katz
Reporting, helping, and writing about how Angelenos can save money, especially without health insurance. (Photo credit: Michelle Katz)

The abundance of Vitamin D.

I had to look for my umbrella the last time it rained.

Swing a bat and you will hit a producer rather than an attorney (Can you tell I am from DC?).

Open toed shoes all year long is acceptable.

Want a shot of wheatgrass? No problem!

And once my doctor’s excuse for being a few minutes late to the office was he was surfing.

Oh, and my dog Porsche said doggie parks are abundant.

It is also acceptable to have a small dog (even if you are a man) and you can bring your furry companion just about anywhere.

Michelle Katz, Healthcare Expert and Author, Healthcare hacker

Coaching crew at sunrise in Marina Del Rey (Photo credit: Ray Regan)

1) It’s hard to hate a 70 degree sunny day.

2) When you go back east, you find yourself humming, “I wish they all could be California Girls.”

3) It’s really hard to hate a breezy and sunny 80 degree day at the beach.

LA is it’s own strange world – the island of misfit toys. When you don’t “fit” in your hometown, you move to LA where people get their weird on.

Ray Regan, Memory Maker, Crew Coach

The weather, the waves, the vibe, because I was born here, the Mexican food, the easy access to: mountains, desert, and sea.

Surfing those waves (Photo credit: Sheila Burris)

Sheila Baker Burris, Surfer Mom

The Hot/Rat Rod culture. Santa Fe Springs is close to LA. The MQQNEYES speed shop is there – my favorite place in all of SoCal. Also, Dodger Stadium and Angels Stadium. Not to mention all the beautiful women.

-Dave Wallach, Retired US Army, Soon to be Tugboat Captain YouTube channel: MrMet40oz

Restoring a Dream Machine (Photo credit: Dave Wallach)

1. My love is here.
2. The beach where I married my love is here.
3. We rescued our 2nd doggie here.
The 3 most important reasons are here.
What else is could there be?

Aime Charlebois Papastephanou, Account Executive at Marula Beauty

1. The creative minds here rival that of London and NYC yet that exposure + LA culture is a whole different state of mind and level of appreciation.

2. Competition is fierce, so rejection is second nature here. You’re stronger every day for it.

3. Winning the battle against parking enforcement and street sweeping deserves daily rewards.

4. Outsiders claim their city’s food scene is better or was “first” over LA, and unless it’s barbecue, seafood, Portuguese or Italian, they’re dead wrong. I laugh thinking this as I pick up my friend to grab pork belly kogi burritos from the food truck on Eagle Rock Blvd.

“Stay Sexy, LA” (Photo credit: Matt Sanderson)

5. You can visit the beach in the morning, hike the foothills in the afternoon and be on a rooftop in downtown at night overlooking a mind-blowing canvas of lights over a 40+ square mile megalopolis. Name another American city with that!

 Matt Sanderson, Journalist

I love LA because the prospects are as sunny as the weather; because everything seems slower, brighter, and more opportune; because people smile more, collaborate together, live outside the box, and want to meet you; and because you never truly know where the day–or the tide–might take you.

Jasmin Rosemberg, Entertainment Editor at Variety Magazine, Author & Writer, Jasminrosemberg

LA Will Ferrell
Always running into your favorite star in LA – Will Ferrell. (Photo credit: Jasmin Rosemberg)


The insane sunsets between November and January.

Marc Luzzatto, Owner of Nylon Magazine


Weather, flowers, ocean, mountains, relaxation.

– Kelly Cynamon, Medical Sales

Santa Monica sunsets (Photo credit: Marc Luzzatto)


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