An LA Love Story – Part 2

To continue our LOVE affair with LA, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day month, LaLaScoop has reached out to hear why our fellow Angelenos adore La La Land. Here’s the Scoop.


A native Angeleno, Voyage Vixens Lindsay Taub loves to hike with her pups in the canyons. (Photo credit: Lindsay Taub)

1. The music venues big and small – everyone you could ever dream of plays here.

2. The hiking – I can go five to seven minutes and hike three different canyons or 15 minutes to Griffith Park or Santa Monica / Palisades depending on weather.

3. Good eats – all kinds and so many great restaurants to choose from. With and without scenery, the choice is yours.

4. Shopping – one of a kind boutiques to Rodeo Drive. Never a boring moment when it comes to fashion design or home design shopping in LA.

5. Friends – I have a diverse group of down to earth fun loving friends to enjoy number 1 through 4 with.

 Michelle Arroyo, AmazingGray

Wine tasting and Frank Lloyd Wright at his Hollyhock House in LA. A perfect summer sunset evening. (Photo credit: Melissa Curtin)

I love LA because it’s a fitness lover’s playground. You can be outdoors year-round – hiking, playing tennis, riding bikes, and playing beach volleyball whenever you want. What’s hard to like about that?!

– Fitness Blogger, TheWorkoutGirl

The Work Out Girl will get you fab and fit with her easy to follow Barbie moves. (Photo credit:

Wow…it is a toss up between the amazing weather and all of the options that this city has to offer. Due to the plethora of sunshine and the fact that I live within a stones throw distance of the beach, I tend to spend a great deal of time either playing on the beach or playing in the ocean…all year round. When I do tear myself away from the beach, I am always amazed with just how many entertainment options LA has to offer. Everything from breathtaking hikes, some of the best shopping and flee-markets one could ask for, truly world-class dining, and endless theatre and concert options, there is never a dull moment living in this ever-evolving city of sunshine.

– Jaime Smith, FallingForStrangers

July 4 Fun in Venice/Santa Monica. (Photo credit: Jaime Smith)

I love LA because of the melting pot of cultures and the amount of transplants. You can create your own little extended family. I love the perfect 72 and sunny weather, the lack of bugs, and the ability to wake up and do something new every day. Also, the restaurant scene is exploding, just look at downtown LA. I love that we have Silicon Beach on the westside and that it’s a progressive tech community that is thriving.

– Bayley Schmidt, Executive Assistant, TruCar

Los Liones Trail. Pacific Palisades. (Photo credit: Bayley Schmidt)

I actually have a bit of a love/hate with LA. I was born and raised here, so I kind of equally cherish the history as well as finding some of the memories a bit awkward. LA has changed so much over the years, but leaving it for 10+ years and coming back made me appreciate it so much more. The weather, of course, is pretty unbeatable though I wish we had more rain! I think my 3 loves of LA are the family I have here, the Hollywood Bowl, and the awesome memories of growing up going to Kings games at the Forum when it was the original purple and gold.

– Lindsay Taub, VoyageVixens

Lindsay Taub (right) and friend showing off their LA pride heading to an LA Kings game at the Staples Center downtown. (Photo credit: Lindsay Taub)

One of the reasons I love LA and Southern California is because it is an outdoor recreational paradise.  I grew up boating and near the water near the Chesapeke Bay in Maryland and outdoor recreation and watersports became my greatest passions. DC and the mid Atlantic is also an extremely conservative area compared with LA and Southern California.  During my first few years of living in LA I had acquaintances and friends, whom I had known for 1 year, that didn’t even know what I did for a living.  This would never happen in DC/Mid Atlantic and I decided that I liked the “anything goes” attitude as I believe it fosters a more entrepreneurial environment. Also, who doesn’t love year round biking, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, and outdoor dining?

Venice sunset glow (Photo credit: Jaime Smith)

Another reason I chose to stay in SoCal is the excellent location and close proximity to some of the world’s best mountains for skiing.  A 1 hour flight and I am in Lake Tahoe for some of the best skiing in the world 4 months a year. LA and Southern California is also a great area to build stability for yourself through owning

Jon Howard with his cousin surfing in Malibu (Photo credit: Jon Howard)

property.  I have been able to make some investments in unique properties that now offer great income and an independent lifestyle.  This is mainly due to the fact that people all over the world visit Southern California all of the time, so, there is a never ending stream of people renting several weeks to several months at a time.  This is usually not the case in DC/Mid Atlantic.  Everyone all of the world wants access to our intoxicating climate all year round! You can see what I am referring to and these unique places here:


LA Beach Loft Penthouse

Private Lake Getaway near Wine Country


– John Howard, Entrepreneur


Foodie Scott Bridges photo of Q Sushi LA.
Foodie Scott Bridges photo of Q Sushi LA.

I love the outdoors lifestyle of LA – the beaches, the hiking trails, the mountains. This is especially great when you have kids.

Sarah Buchan, Teacher

L.A. offers a vice for every perversion.

– Scott Bridges, Journalist




Variety of restaurants for any food preference and culture. Best city for foodies!

Michelle Cimmino, Actress

Michelle Cimmino (right) with her baby brother, a diehard fan of the LA Dodgers. (Photo credit: Michelle Cimmino)














I didn’t think I was supposed to like LA after moving from the East Coast; it was too fluffy or sunny or something, but I loved it. The weather. The floral smell. The hiking. That you can wear jeans ANYWHERE. People said I’d miss the seasons, but nope. Give me warm and sunny everyday.

– Kerry Reichs, Author,

When architecture could be really fun! This style had its heyday from the mid-1920s to the mid-1930s in southern California. Now you can find Randy’s near LAX. (Photo credit: Kerry Reichs)



“People cut themselves off from their ties of the old life when they come to Los Angeles. They are looking for a place where they can be free, where they can do things that they couldn’t do anywhere else.”

– Tom Bradley, Mayor of Los Angeles from 1973 – 1993. The first African American mayor of a major American city without a black majority.




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