Spadaro Fragrances Infuse the World with Love

Fresh, clean, crisp with warm tones – Spadaro perfume fills my senses as if I were standing outside, high on a grassy knoll overlooking the ocean waves on a breezy day and feeling the freedom of sweet true love coursing within and through me. It’s that good. And, it’s just that easy.

Kim Spadaro, founder of Spadaro (photo: courtesy of Spadora)
Kim Spadaro, founder of Spadaro (photo: courtesy of Spadora)

The images and feelings that Spadaro invokes are limitless because at the base the fragrances are, as founder Kim Spadaro relays, “infused with soul – a tribute to my spirit of adventure and journeys of self-discovery.” Sparado’s line of luxury fragrances hold memories of her exotic travel experiences, from “dancing with torch-bearing Majorcan fire dancers to yachting the Mediterranean to speeding through the streets of Casablanca and wandering the villages of Marrakech.” And, they are made from pure love.

I had the great pleasure of spending an evening with Kim a little while back. She’s warm, real, grounded, witty, and focused. She’s lived thoroughly, deeply experienced pain, hardship, joy, friendship, romance, love, loss and the incredibly tenacious beauty of giving from within. It is from the richness of her life’s past, present and future that she creates and gives with the heart and mind of an artist and scientist.

“When a scent evokes a memory, its distinct. But, when it has the power to transport you, it’s Spadaro.”

Although Kim spent time studying the masters of French perfumes, she has her own unique style of building her fragrances’ tones and notes. Her process works to perfection, and took root even as a little girl. Born and raised in North Florida, Kim’s summers were spent on a sprawling Charleston farm, filled with colorful produce and flowers. Waking up to the scent of morning dew and freshly cut grass veiling the air, her senses and creativity awakened. Together with her mother, Barbara Reynolds, an accomplished seamstress, they experimented with fragrances like citrus and floral essence straight from the back yard to create a plethora of beauty concoctions.

Spadaro Perfumes (photo: courtesy of Spadaro)
Spadaro Perfumes (photo: courtesy of Spadaro)

Aromatherapy called to Kim a profoundly as she was spending more time in the hospital with her mother. She began to fill the hospital rooms with her scents using oils and candles, and was encouraged and motivated by the joy that she was able to bring forth in people who were suffering. Coupled with her passion for transforming environments into something extraordinary with exotic scents, she began to infuse homes, event spaces, even walkways with evocative scents, setting incredible moods, emotions and tones.

At the foundation of Kim Spadaro’s fragrances is pure love. And, she not only gives it with every lovely spray that emit from her elegant bottles of perfume, she gives love through the Spadaro Foundation. “A tribute to those who have touched her life and the passing of her mother, honoring those who selflessly inspire others,” her foundation contributes a percentage of each item sold to local charities, both domestic and abroad. So, you can feel fabulous from the inside out every time you dab a little or spray a little of Spadaro fragrances upon your body.

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“Spadaro fragrances have been featured in New Beauty, Glamour, Self, Gotham, Life & Style Weekly, Marie Claire, The Knot, Palm Beacher, Ponte Vedra Life and many more. lists Sole Nero as one of “the ten beauty products I’m stockpiling right now. Her fragrances have been hailed as captivating… spicy… irresistible and exotic… like a fire dance… sultry… a rare blend, words that could also describe Spadaro herself. Leaving an indelible mark on the international fragrance world, Kim Spadaro will continue to create fantasy from reality, capturing moments in time, never denying a stranger her glowing smile and exuberance for life.” 


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