Drink H2rOse … A Modern Twist On An Ancient Royal Beauty Secret

I just went vegan a few months ago while going through my yoga certification process under the tutelage of Tamal Dodge (Tamal Yoga School at Yoga Salt), and it’s been quite a fantastic journey. It’s sites like My Pure Vegan Food created by Lena and her husband, Anton, and cookbooks like Oh, She Glows by Angela Liddon, The Plant Power Way by Rich Roll and Julie Piatt, and Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck by Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis that continue to keep me inspired and invested in following the path of eating ripe, juicy, lovely produce along with grains, legumes, seeds and such, gorgeously arranged and blended. These artisans make every meal look beautiful and satiating.

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While I grew up in a healthy household, and a beautiful one at that, we did eat animal products, but we were not a family to ever gorge out on a ton of meat. So making the switch to vegan in general hasn’t been too far off from my roots. But, what I didn’t pay as close attention to is the amount of animal products that saturate our mainstream and specialty foods. From a crispy, fluffy croissant to a piece of chocolate, a typical restaurant side of vegetables, or a dressing on a salad; cream, butter, eggs and milk are infused into a lot of food items that I otherwise might not have thought about questioning. So, now I ask more questions before I order, and consider the contents more closely than I even did before. I have to say that it feels good to be learning more about the choices I have and the decisions I can make as to whether or not put something into my body or onto my consciousness. I still have a long way to go on this journey, but I’m having fun with my initial steps in ensuring that what I am eating is fresh, real, whole, plant-based and amazing!

Along my recent vegan, yoga and overall health and fitness journey, Instagram has actually been a source of motivation. I know; social media. Where would we be or not be without it? It’s a double-edged sword. But, it’s also where I first found My Pure Vegan Food and H2rOse! And it’s where they found me as Andiamo Body when one morning I decided to join their contest by spreading the word about and possibly winning a case of rose water and a hat or tank by H2rOse. I not only won the contest (which is always a fun feat), but I fell in love with the yummy, sweet and beneficial rose water, containing a touch of saffron and other natural ingredients.

H2rOse specialty beverage is refreshing, delicious and good for you in many waysl! In fact the benefits of rose water and saffron date back 2,000 years to the time of Cleopatra. Now, there’s a woman who knew a thing or two about beauty. According to H2rOse and the plethora of research they reference, rose water and saffron; “increase satiety, decrease occasional stress, anxiety and mild depression, improve emotional health stability, ease digestion, relieve irritable stomachs, (provide) mood enhancing qualities, improve skin texture and appearance, provide nutritional benefits, (and act as) strong natural antioxidant(s).” Who couldn’t use a little pick me up in any of these variables of health and beauty?

Drink a lovely variety of H2rOse ~ rose water, safforn, cane sugar with mango, apple, mixed berries or peach (photo: courtesy of H2rOse facebook page)
Drink a lovely variety of H2rOse ~ rose water, safforn, cane sugar with mango, apple, mixed berries or peach (photo: courtesy of H2rOse facebook page)

Enjoy four different nuanced tastes of Apple, Mango, Peach and Wild Berry and let your taste buds tell you how lovely H2rOse is for the senses and your body, from the inside out. Thank you to the Illulian family, for bringing back this ancient beauty secret of royalty across the world, back into our modern-day fingertips,  to grace our lips, and heal our bodies.

7 thoughts on “Drink H2rOse … A Modern Twist On An Ancient Royal Beauty Secret

  1. I never drank H20 rosewater but I want to try it, I’m trying to stop drinking things that are bad for me, I’ve been mostly drinking water, lots of it, so I’m looking forward to trying H20 rose, Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this information about H20Rose ,I am looking forward to trying it for myself, as soon as possible, I must go to the store now to find my bottle of this amazing drink H20Rose.

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