Doma Kitchen Celebrates Relocation to Manhattan Beach

Doma Kitchen community long table filled with delicious menu items for their relocation celebration in Manhattan Beach (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)

Doma means “home” in the slavic language. And, it feels like what it means in Doma Kitchen for many reasons. Owners, Angie Corrente and Stan Mayzalis, along with Chef Kristina Miksyte have created an ambiance and cuisine that pulls from their extensive travels around the world, taking them outside beaten paths and into intimate settings with locals and into their very homes. After years of traveling by way of the fashion industry Angie worked in and being married to men whose profession was in the culinary arts, it was a seamless transition for her to create Doma. She loves people, she loves cuisine and she loves design. It’s a trifecta that has earned her a following of people who love her restaurant and adore her.

Angie greeted us with warm open arms and took the time to talk with us about her travels, her life, and Doma Kitchen. Her eyes sparkled and connected. And, as I saw her greet her loyal patrons who have followed her from the Redondo location to her current place in Manhattan Beach, as well as to her pop-up restaurants and various events around LA, it was completely apparent that making real relationships with people, a whole host of people, is what really makes Angie shine.

Doma Kitchen Chef Kristina Miksyte and owner, Angie Corrente, at their relocation celebration in Manhattan Beach (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)

Chef Kristina, Angie and Stan work closely together to create and re-create the menu options at Doma Kitchen. It’s always morphing, utilizing fresh local ingredients. The community long table in their restaurant beautifully displayed a smorgasbord of globally inspired foods made with a special emphasis on European and Central Asian techniques, as a sampling of their larger menu for their re-opening celebration. From fresh cheeses, walnuts, fruit, an organic kale salad, crunchy Bavarian garlic bread, mini Italian caprese sandwiches, and their signature Plov 12, which is a rice, vegetable and meat dish inspired by the origins of Uzbek, marinated veggies, an olive medley and more, every option was delicious and beautiful.

I also love that they didn’t just pick up and leave from their Redondo venue. They took the wood scraps and created the tables, the bench that runs along the wall of the current restaurant and more. Angie created the cushions and pillows herself as well, pulling from different eras and countries as inspiration.

Tom Dunbabin, founder of King Harbor Brewing Company, serving up his Abel Bown and Quest Pale Ale with Citra at Doma Kitchen celebration event in their new Manhattan Beach location (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)

Every part of Doma Kitchen is conceived of with meaningful thought. Many of the cheeses they serve come from Humble, where Angie’s daughter goes to school and has garnered a partnership with the crafters. It’s all about relationship and high quality in every respect. The night of the opening Tom Dunbabin, founder of King Harbor Brewing Company, was serving up his Abel Bown (“a breakfast beer” or “dark beer for the beach”) and Quest Pale Ale with Citra (one of a series that showcases different hops along the same King Harbor Brew pale ale base), both of which are on the menu at Dome Kitchen. What I find so wonderful is that the inspiration for his brewing company was also inspired by travel, and each brew has a story. As a very young boy Tom traveled with his father all over the world. His dad loved sampling different beers wherever they went, and even as a kid he was allowed into the bars and able to take tiny sips to sample the aromas and flavors himself.

After leaving a career in aviation and loosing his dad, he summoned up his entrepreneurial roots and created Kings Harbor Brewing Company. It’s a beautiful tribute to his father and their unique and special times together. The brew is not only amazing and diverse, the company has heart. And also like the menu at Doma Kitchen, Tom is constantly coming up with new recipes to tantalize his patrons taste buds with new experiences and to the fullest capacity. It’s as if Doma Kitchen and King Harbor Brewing Company simply belong together. It’s a pairing that resonates goodness from the inside out.

Doma Kitchen owner, Angie Corrente, greeting a patron at her new location opening event in Manhattan Beach. Owner, Stan Mayzalis and Chef Kristina Miksyte also pictured in the back center and right. (photo credit: Rochelle Robinson)

Doma Kitchen’s Manhattan Beach restaurant celebration was an evening filled with fantastic cuisine, libations and conversation. The place and people are warm and welcoming. We loved speaking with them about their inspirations and process. It’s a place we could certainly see calling a home away from home. And, we’d love to see you there.

Doma Kitchen Location: 
3562 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Monday-Saturday 11AM-10PM
Sunday 9AM-3PM


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